By yuckduck - Canada - Brandon
Today, I went to a job interview. It would have been fine if I had remembered it was over the phone, and not in person. I drove two hours. FML
yuckduck tells us more :
Ok guys, figured I'd give a quick update. Thanks to all of you who realized it was a mistake anyone could make! Lately I've been looking for a job, so I have a lot of interviews to keep straight. I had this interview, and another one tomorrow and they are both in the same town, I thought the interview tomorrow was the phone interview, and the one today was in person. Unfortunately I made a mistake, but I've learned to definitely keep my things more organized. The interviewer also completely understood and let me do it in person anyways. Hopefully you all learn from my mistake
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  ZoroMiHawk  |  25

They are more likely to see it negatively though, especially if the job contains a certain level of responsibility. "If OP drove all the way there before he realized it was a phone interview, can we actually trust this guy to do what he's actually supposed to do on the job?" Probably something along those lines.