By yuckduck - 10/04/2015 12:29 - Canada - Brandon

Today, I went to a job interview. It would have been fine if I had remembered it was over the phone, and not in person. I drove two hours. FML
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yuckduck tells us more.

Ok guys, figured I'd give a quick update. Thanks to all of you who realized it was a mistake anyone could make! Lately I've been looking for a job, so I have a lot of interviews to keep straight. I had this interview, and another one tomorrow and they are both in the same town, I thought the interview tomorrow was the phone interview, and the one today was in person. Unfortunately I made a mistake, but I've learned to definitely keep my things more organized. The interviewer also completely understood and let me do it in person anyways. Hopefully you all learn from my mistake

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At least you showed dedication or so he thought I hope.

Hopefully they notice your enthusiasm about the job and hire you :) Good luck OP :)


Congratulations on being first comment! Sadly, no one cares that much.

How do you forget that? Complete YDI.

maybe op just wanted her/his first paycheck to be for gas?

Oh my gosh I moderated this one! lol Anyway, OP next time maybe double check how the interview will be done.

He made a small mistake, that doesn't mean that he deserved to drive for 4 hours.

It's called being irresponsible.

The majority of interviews are done in person. It's an easy mistake to make. You are quite a judgmental douchebag.

number 33 even small mistakes can have big consequences

Maybe he had multiple interviews and mixed them up or something of that nature

At least you showed dedication or so he thought I hope.

That or it can show that he can be forgetful/not listen to directions clearly. Either way, I'm sure they won't think too much of it. Good luck OP!

Walk into the interview room and still conduct the interview via phone.

Seems like you had plenty of chances to realize it was not in person

Hopefully they notice your enthusiasm about the job and hire you :) Good luck OP :)

They are more likely to see it negatively though, especially if the job contains a certain level of responsibility. "If OP drove all the way there before he realized it was a phone interview, can we actually trust this guy to do what he's actually supposed to do on the job?" Probably something along those lines.

Yes I realize that. I am just hoping for the best :)

Better than forgetting about the interview completely.

We're you still able to do the interview?

Try to reason with your interviewer, I'm sure they'll understand.

Attention to detail...