By howtobesingle - 07/04/2016 02:45 - Norway - Oslo

Today, I listened to my best friend complain, again, about the two guys she's seeing, and how she doesn't know which one to choose, because they're both perfect. Meanwhile, I'm cleaning up my dog's loose stools, haven't had a date in over three years, and I'm also sharing a room with the very same best friend. FML
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Honestly, I think you are probably better off than her in the long-term.

If she's seeing two guys, I'd say that she doesn't deserve either of them.


Can't you ask her to introduce someone to you ? or in this case ask her to introduce you to one that she didnt choose.

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Um...why would she want her friend's sloppy seconds? And I'm not sure if she's playing both guys or just casually seeing them, but if it's the former, then she's not the kind of friend I would ask for that kind of help from.

Sloppy seconds? If it isn't the second thought, and her friend introduced them to each other, they might get along together. Maybe one guy is more compatible with OP and the second with her friend, or maybe both are not for OP... But I don't see the reason to fret if her friend is going out with guys on dates, rejects him to choose the other, but set the rejected guy up. Everyone has his or her qualities... That's the equivalent of saying OP has to go out with a virgin. All other men are spoiled since they were rejected once. Also FYI to the reader, I never said getting with or being a virgin is a must, it's up to you.

Honestly, I think you are probably better off than her in the long-term.

If she's seeing two guys, I'd say that she doesn't deserve either of them.

It's not necessarily the case that she's cheating or playing them both, she could be casually dating them with both partners aware of it. I've dated a couple of guys at the same time before, they both knew I was seeing other people and were fine with it; after all it was only casual. If she was leading both on with the impression that it was exclusive and rather more serious then I'd agree with you, but there's not enough info here to start passing judgement really.

That can be just as hurtful to the guys. Haven't you seen that episode of friends?

Not if its only a few dates. OP didn't say she was exclusive with them

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Why? You can see two people casually, or not casually. Until you are married, there's nothing saying you can't see two people AS LONG AS you are upfront about it with both of them.

That does suck! I know how you feel. I'm single as all heck, and my friends are getting engaged and having their first or second child.

You'll find someone :) but tbh, I enjoyed being single after having an awful relationship. I grew more as a person as I didn't have anyone to hold my hand through things. But if you are wanting to meet someone, don't do it just because you don't want to be single anymore (that can seem desperate). Join some new clubs, take up new hobbies, or if you're no good at speaking to strangers in person (like me), try online dating :)

I go out clubbing occasionally, it used to be often when I hsd money, i just don't have the money for it now (australia you have to be 18) I did meet this girl when I was out with some friends after my friends gig last Thursday, but I didn't get her name or anything :O

And I never try getting into a date because I don't like being single, I'm a whatever happens, happens kinda guy.

I'm also on a few dating sites, but no luck.

I know how you feel, #4. Many of my friends are getting married, have kids (some are having their second, some have already have their second) and I've been single for 2-3 years and have a cat.

I don't even have a cat! Your lucky! But it sucks ever so much. I've always chickened out talking to girls at clubs, but someone told me to pretend to be talking to customers at work (I work on the front counter in Fast Food).

"I know you didn't ask for it, but here's a picture of my dick"

Ye, im totally not a 60 year old grandpa on the internet. I swear!

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Not everyone is into online dating.

That's funny because I actually met one of my long term boyfriends on meetme.

she should be more considerate of your feelings. I'm sure she's not telling you to taunt you...some people just moan about every little thing. Op your time will come to date and you will enjoy it. Don't worry, that lucky man is out there. X

I know how you feel, I have been in two weddings this year already and I haven't been on a date in over 4 years. Not everyone was meant to find someone

Well you got a dog sounds great to me

I'd rather be single than a cheating scumbag

Who said anything about anyone cheating?

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Uh the best friend is a cheater. She dates two guys at the same time.

There isn't enough information to know if she's cheating. Seeing 2 people doesn't necessarily mean it's cheating. It could be just a casual dating thing, and everyone is aware nothing is serious yet. However, if she's leading both on with the idea that they're the only one and exclusive, then it's wrong and not ok.

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Choose the one you want and make it easier for her:)