By Preggie - 07/07/2011 04:04 - Singapore

Today, a sweet old lady gave up her seat for me in the bus. She lectured the entire bus that seats should be given to those in need, like myself who is "heavily pregnant." I'm just fat. FML
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its time to walk instead of using buses .

haha that's a good indication that you should lose weight!


Well... she didn't know, she's old and probably partially blind.

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It's just a little leftover puppy fat

technically everyone is partially blind.

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35 that's what she was saying dumbass

18, how is everyone technically partially blind? enlighten me.

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#46 r u stupid im a kid and I know you cant see everything you can only see visible light which is only tiny part of the ER spectrum plus your eyes dont see all the light and colors everyone is partially blind and thats a proven fact. You sed colors because of how light reflects and refracts off of something. #18 was not saying that everyone is colorblind or blind, btw colorblindness is a type of blindness and technically everyone is colorblind in,aart because we all dont always see the same colors especially as others when the light reflects or refracts of off something. Youre a real dumbass #46 u have no common sense how will u live idiot

81's anger is quite the lulzy one. And the definition of blindness is being unable to see... I think in general, not "seeing different colors". The oxymoron here is that you said we all SEE, yet you're provind blindness lol. I think a color blind person can work many jobs, unlike a person who can't see anything at all. I think the other commenter can live just fine by not knowing a few facts, moron.

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46- We all have a blind spot in a part of our eye. Look up "Blind spot test illusion".

81, your comment goes great with 35's picture.

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wait.. you accepted a seat from an old lady because you're too fat to stand?

81- You're throwing in the "I'm a kid" comment doesn't help the stereotype that kids are all ignorant and know nothing about life. Please quit while you're ahead.

81-Congratu-freaking-lations you know stuff. Would you also like an award with that? Don't call people idiots because they don't know certain things. Why don't I call you a dumbass for all the things you don't know.

81, I have lived for 21 years in this world. Having a stable job, a home and a car of my own without knowing what you just said. People learn something new everyday because they are curious about stuff that interests them or surrounds them. Being curious about stuff is not being an idiot or dumb. Thanks for the info anyways.

Old adage's go a long way when you remember them. How about... think before you type thrown together with some children should be seen and not heard? I'd modify it a bit though from 'children' to 'people with the mental and spelling/grammar capabilities of a 10 year old' since I'm not a legal adult for another few months.

shes not blind! the bitch looks pregnent!

and you took the seat??? just because you are fat doesn't mean you shouldn't have some pride. that's shameful!

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Today, a pregnant woman got on the bus and I happily gave up my seat to her. I went on to tell the bus how they should have done the same thing until she told me she wasn't pregnant. FML.

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Atleast some man in his 40s didn't try to tackle you

Lol@ retardedbullfrog's profile pic!!!!!!

Fake. I'm a Singaporean too. No one talks to each other on the bus.

haha that's a good indication that you should lose weight!

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a little junk in the trunk never hurt nobody! ah giggity

what? fat chicks need love too! but they gotta pay.

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dont worry op i gotta trim down a little too

41 how did you get that pic of me... prob one of my best

even though it's not you in the picture, best damn pic by far. fat little white kid=thug life. haha

u mak mistakes I fix, ThUg LiFe Iz A RaP GrOuP ThAtz all black mal3z, not Whitt k1ddz.

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Exactly what I was goin to say...

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hey dont make fun of her, i used to be fat but lost alot of weight and ik how hard it can be. im not trolling, just trying to be serious

Well at least she was just trying to be nice, people make the mistake of calling someone pregnant when they are just fat all the time. Sorry :(

I wonder if op got up and gave the nice old lady her seat back.

its time to walk instead of using buses .

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What if where ever they were going is a hour away?

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take a bus where the bus stop is decently far

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32 - the farther the better

This is not intended to be offensive however does that not spur you on to lose weight? Walk instead of taking the bus will help a little.

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why would you even accept the seat? your fat ass knew you weren't pregnant, so why would you think you deserved to sit more than a nice little old lady?!

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Did anyone else on the bus offer their seat while being lectured by her?

and who's fault is it that you're fat enough to look pregnant? Do something about it.

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dang a lil harsh dont u think? oh & u better watch out there buddy boy ur not lookin to skinny yourself. u might get mistaken for being prego also!

crapy is a dude and he doesn't seem fat to the extent of being mistaken as a prego.

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I'm pretty sure men can't be mistaken for being pregnant.

I love it that you stuck up for her wtg :)

Yeah.. Have you been mistaken for being Shrek yet? Ugly mofo, STFU.

nope, sure haven't. I'm guessing that happens to you?

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some people can't help being fat?

Yeah but a lot of people can and they are just to lazy! I see fat people in electric wheel chairs all the time in my town they are just soaking up our tax payers money! I don't feel sorry for them at all!

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at least she was being considerate, most people wouldn't get up.

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my question is WHY would OP even let the old lady give up her seat for her ESPECIALLY since she's not actually pregnant?

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Thank you for asking this question. So many people are assuming that OP actually sat down. Just because the old lady gave up her seat does not mean that OP took it.