By login_eddy - 17/09/2010 18:37 - France

Today, while cleaning behind a ladder, I banged my head on one of the hand rails. I stood up, cursed, and moved to the other side. To my luck, I hit the other side of my head. I now have two lumps perfectly placed as horns on my head. FML
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11-That must be why you're here..

FootballFreak4 3

What did 11 say? His comment is moderated.

Step on a crack and you'll break your mommas back. Step under a ladder and your forehead'll get fatter!

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i just laughed harder than ive laughed in a long time. fyl hard though wear a hat maybe?

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Bride's mom pays for the wedding...

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hockeylover7171 0

srry op is probably really horny (damn you Apple autocorrect)

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piercing extremists pay big money for that.

You cant talk 49.. They say you dont have a soul...

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I really wanna say something clever to this but I can't think of anything :/

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Do you guys know that you can turn auto correct off?

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you ******* derserved that for ******* cursing D:<

well, thats what you get for walking under a ladder.

DEMON :) Too bad it's a month and a half till halloween

xxxbooxxx 16

ydi for cursing. you really are the devil.

xxxbooxxx 16
xxxbooxxx 16

xxxboxxx i personally am a Christian but it sometimes slips! im not the devil for that.. and if youre so good.. ive bet youve at least thought toyourself, awww shit!, before, thinking it is just as bad as saying it. its not a good habit to make but through Jesus we can ask for forgiveness. he isnt the frickin devil

I can't read minds but, I think he was joking.

xxxbooxxx 16

yesh.. I was joking. but I don't really like when people curse.. especially the ones that over use it..

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At least you don't look lopsided?

Op you're an idiot, it's not Friday the 13th!