By Peter - 25/11/2010 10:25

Today, while at work, I got fired because I was 'hitting' on my boss's wife who also works in the same company. Since when does 'asking for paper clips' mean 'hitting on'? FML
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we all know paperclips aren't what you really wanted

starberries 0

Hey, baby. How about a nice big handful of those sexy paper clips?


we all know paperclips aren't what you really wanted

Kiill3rQu33n16 0

paperclips=pussy. :)

KiddNYC1O 20

lol, he said he's "never seen faker tits" but she thought he said "have you seen bigger dicks?". Geez

with today's young people lingo paperclips actually means "I want to hold you together" also asking for the stapler means "I want to have sex with you"

awesomness123 0

classic paper clip move

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Because the wife was the one who tried to seduce the op but when he rejected her she accused him.

he didn't say "paper clips" he said "kiss the tip"

well then can I put your paperclip in my mouth? lol j/k

Since you had your turgid package hanging out while asking?

I guess that's what the kids are calling them these days...

??? can you pass me that pussy? yeah, right

climbthoserocks 6

haha! go number 1.

you said 'nice tits' instead of paper clips.

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starberries 0

Hey, baby. How about a nice big handful of those sexy paper clips?

what tone of voice did you use when you asked? and were your pants around your ankles?

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If the exchange was something like you asking, she asking what you asked, you repeating, her getting it, she getting embarassed, you then laughing at how silly she was, she then laughing at herself, you then continuing to joke about it in front of your boss then yeah, maybe a really neurotic and insecure person might view that as flirting. There probably was a degree of playfulness anyway; if you're an affable guy, then you could turn the charm on anything.

it all depends on what you do with the paper clips..

If she happened to have them hidden in her cleavage and you offered to get them for her...

oh come on doc we know you can do better

Sorry, Moose. It can't be comedy gold every time.

Depends on the tone "Do you haveeee paperclipssss;)"

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damnnn nice pic ;)

Glad you like;)

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cute picture. i wonder how do you get such a hot body. spill the secrets.

RedPillSucks 31

The "secret" seems to be spilling out over the edge of the clothing. There are some secrets that are better kept.

Oh! stop! dont flatter me!

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You must have been competition. :D

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By now u should ve collected clips worth an year's office use... if that costed u a job! lol

katiesmurph 5

I have no idea what you were trying to say. Please learn to spell

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