By automotive glass tech - 21/01/2016 18:09 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, while I was working replacing a windshield, some jerk off hit my truck. A truck carrying 2 grand in glass. Including the windshield I was about to install. The driver gets out and says, "Sorry man, I had to text my girlfriend." FML
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I hope you made him pay for the loss. That really sucks.

Ugh, no excuses for texting while driving. Dumbass.


I hope you made him pay for the loss. That really sucks.

OP won't have to, the state/city will make that guy pay. Look at the bright side OP no one got hurt physically.

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OP is from Canada. He very likely asked him very politely for the guy's information and then told him to have a nice day.

Ugh, no excuses for texting while driving. Dumbass.

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25 if that was the case he could've pulled over. No excuse for texting while driving!

Still a bad excuse, but it could be he case. I dont think my comment should have that many dislikes but whatever.

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Because even if that's the reason he was texting and driving he could have seriously been injured and or seriously injured or killed someone. And in that case that excuse wouldn't exactly fly with the cops or anyone

Good point. But then again, i said it could. Not that it is. I doubt it is. But who knows. I'm gonna embarrassingly admit that I'm taking those dislikes personally. I shouldnt though lol but it's a little rude

Ignore all my answers to this. Idk why i keep talking. I'm stupid

"There's no excuse for texting while driving" say that while driving and using FML

better have given you insurance information

On the bright side at least insurance should pay for it the truck at least not sure sure about its contents

I would have gone on a tirade. I don't understand why anyone thinks it's okay to text and drive!

Well. At least he didn't try to drive away. Better get his info quick and start the legal work

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He's lucky he only broke some glass in your car (albeit it expensive) and didn't kill you or somebody else!

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Well there's being stupid enough to text while driving and then there is a whole other level of stupid where you get out and admit it to the person you just hit.

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that really sucks. sorry OP :(