By Mike Polk / Monday 3 October 2011 12:37 / United States
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  tjv3  |  10

big deal , should have said "top of tha morning to ya" or asked them if the represent the lollipop guild, then yell I'm off the see the wizard and run off

By  bubblekitty  |  1

You should of just told that dude to leave you alone instead of going though all the trouble of hiding from him. If he wouldn't of stopped you could of taken that to the police.

  NoNotTheFace  |  8

Rape me? Fine.

But you gotta buy me dinner first. (Taco Bell, perhaps)
Then we shall go to your basement and I'll be the nine year old and you shall be the priest from the near-by church.

  yamatelle  |  19

Fair enough. Not to worry though, I won't do it on your face, I prefer tits.

ikick if you were on a game adventure, the last thing or "boss" you'd be facing will be a midget. Mine would be a clown. I fucking hate those things.

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