By apparentlyunattractive - 07/06/2009 09:23 - United States

Today, someone left a note on my car, saying "You're gorgeous. Call me. #######." I called the number and they said they saw me in the store I was in, telling me "You were the ONLY attractive person in there." We decided to meet up. He walks over, I say hi, he says "I think I put my number on the wrong car." FML
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Guess that's why you shouldn't be so desperate and call random numbers left on your vehicle.

jj732 0

and dude obviously the guy is just.... something stupid... he was too douchey to walk up to you but creepy enough to magically find out what car you drove? and leave a post it on it? i'm sorry but i think you're lucky, lol, he sounds like a dumbass who thinks his pick up lines are good but still lives with mom. he's a matthew-mcconagay type.


Well maybe you weren't the same girl. And you could have got stabbed and then get your cut raped by some extreme mental case you stupid whore.

YDI .. Why would you meet up with some rando? .. That's already an fyl waiting to happen

Herbal_fml 0

Who the hell calls up a random number? Who the hell leaves their number on a random car? I see a couple of desperate people.

Wow. You are really desperate O.o

What a douche, sorry hun

You sound kind of...desperate? I mean this would be alright if you were in high school and the note was like "You're gorgeous and I've liked you for a long time" because then it wouldn't be as random. Also, you were willing to date a guy who follows women from stores into their cars. That's some creeper rapist shit.

Peanu_theGreat 0

I'd be so creeped out. Wtf.

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What?! Why would you just meet some random stranger that thought you were pretty? Wtf?

AntiChrist7 0

only wacko's leave notes like that. are you that desperate?

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Tht sux... O.o