By a-mishunderstanding - 08/08/2011 04:07

Today, I was working in costume at a recreation of a Confederation-era town. I had to convince a visitor that it's not, in fact, an Amish village, and we do actually leave after five. FML
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GET OFF THE INTERNET! oh... your not Amish... my bad.

Sounds like you did an awesome job then!


You guys must get really into character then.

StopDropNRoll 11

Reminds me of that south park episode. ^_^

Yeah see I mean you ******* pay to look at shit like that. You'd think the little insipid shit would get that a 'recreation' is, in-*******-fact, a recreation. Damn, people are dumb.

#9 haha the episode of super fun time,and they never break out of character no matter what lmao.

chell1894 13

you must live in lancaster, Pa.

43 - Confederation most likely refers to a Canadian site.

chell1894 13

46, noo sh*t. it's called sarcasm darling cause Lancaster, PA is the number 1 area for Amish tourism. but thanks for trying. :)

Sounds like you did an awesome job then!

Sometimes, it's amazing at how well the human race can work together. Then I get on FML and read about near-divorces over stupid shit like Yahtzee.

GET OFF THE INTERNET! oh... your not Amish... my bad.

Hey! I saw you die and come back to life in that new Harry Poop movie!

You don't look like Joan Jett. You look like a scary-ass puppet.

OP said Confederation, as in the Articles of Confederation, not Confederates. Normally I'd say something like "go retake US History" or another arrogant line like that, but its a common mistake, even I had to think a second. If you think about it, a recreation of 1780 America is more likely than a 1860 America, and more likely to look like an Amish Village.

I feel stupid. :D I fell on my head when I was a baby though so that explains.

Don't worry about it, like I said, common mistake. The Confederacy is far more well known that the Confederation. I'm a history nerd, so I just happen to know about these things :)

My dad is a high school history teacher so I think I should know this lol.

dyble95 0

Can some one explain this fml to me?

sxe_beast 11

-Recreation as defined: The action or process of creating something again -Confederation era was a time period in the late 18th century (like the 1780's) when the US Government was led by The Articles of Confederation. -A visitor believed that the historical reenactment wasn't an act. He/she believed that it was actually an Amish town. -Amish are Anabaptist (Protestants/Radical Reformation of 16th century). They live a simple life abstaining from the use of modern conveniences like electricity, automobiles, etc. There are 1-2 million of them spread out mostly in North Eastern US (Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, etc.) and Ontario of Canada. -The person didn't understand that this was their day job, but instead actually believed that this is their actual day-to-day life. They believe that they actually wear the plain old fashioned garb and have barn raises. The FML here is that the OP has a shitty job and has to often deal with morons.

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Thanks. :D makes sense now.

The job might or might not be all THAT shitty, but I agree about the morons.

sxe_beast 11

Yeah, I think it may actually be a fun job. History is awshum! The bad thing would be having to put up with the morons.

Imam moron! I didn't read anything you wrote :D

this FML reminds me of that old south park episode where the class takes a fieldtrip to an old-time themed village and cartman and butters escape to an arcade called super fun time. does anyone remember it?

I was thinking the same thing!!!! :D

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Of course that was an awesome episode! :D

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i was waiting for someone to say something about it xD HE SHOULDNT HAVE BROKEN CHARACTER!!!

At least you have a perfect second personality to assume if you need to go undercover.

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What you failed to mention is that, while you dress in modern clothes after hours, you do still keep slaves at home. That's the secret to the aunthenticity of your work.

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don't you have anything else better to do?

ReynshineCutting 10

Like what? Sitting behind a desk all day?