By mathesonn - 29/05/2014 23:32 - United States - Auburn

Today, out of habit from twelve years of karate classes, I bowed to my teacher as I exited my classroom. My chemistry classroom. FML
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It shows that you've learned respect, maybe a little out of context, but there is a bright side to this

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I want to tell a chemistry joke but all the good ones argon


nhormuss 17

Did the teacher spin-kick you?

Would have been real awkward if your teacher was Asian..

Depends on which culture they were brought up with. I had an exchange student from China in my class who bowed to the teacher everytime he left the class.

lexi365 20

You mean "Dol-A Cha-gi" in Korean? Stands for spin heel kick to Kuk Sool Won and Tae Kwon Do artists.

I hope the teacher bowed back.

#26 No he didn't, mainly because Karate is from Okinawa not Korea.

Huh. I do ho kuk mu sul (another Korean martial art) and I've never heard that. @#26

omg yes someone else who does tkd lol

pwnman 33

Seems like you guys are negatively charged...

It shows that you've learned respect, maybe a little out of context, but there is a bright side to this

Demig0d6 14

I want to tell a chemistry joke but all the good ones argon

Very punny. I've got my ion you.

I wanted to kick your butts for the bad puns, but Na

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You guys are a bunch of Borons.

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Their are so much puns you guys should be called puunist

Clearly you guys aren't "up and Atom."

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Do you call your principal sensei?

Flourine uranium carbon potassium bismuth technetiumhelium sulfur germanium thulium oxygen neon yttrium.

Just don't bow in the bathroom.. that would be weird. But other than that.. I see no problem with this!

I've been doing martial arts for over 13 years and I have bowed walked in and out of the bathroom, walking into my house, stepping off the curb, walking into a store, it's pretty embarrassing.

I don't think there is anything embarrassing about bowing, seriously. It's just a form of greeting. It's not like you get down on your knees on the ground and prostern yourself in front of people. Bowing is pretty soft.

When you're walking into a public place and you bow going through the doorway, yeah it's kinda embarrassing. I don't understand why I'm being thumbed down.

I don't know why you're getting downvoted, but honestly, I don't see anything wrong or embarrassing with bowing. You might feel self-conscious because it is not the norm where you're from, but I don't think anyone would seriously mind or pay attention to it. It's just a polite greeting. No big deal.

Pstraka6 20

You're only being polite and now that you've got your teachers attention, buddy up! Ttrust me, I've seen worse done to a chemistry teacher -__-

....what are kids doing to your chemistry teachers?

It rhymes with grape. It rhymes with grape.

Well I guess you can say that's a formal hello...keep it up

Who says "hello" when they're leaving?

You know who bows alot. Chuck Norris. You are either Chuck Norris or a person who bows to your chemistry teacher. Either way..... Egh its not the worst thing that could have happened.

Bowing to your teacher, eh? Might try that...seems kinda random and funny....

At least you didn't call your teacher mom too

HA! I did that in second grade. So embarrassing! XD

I teach high school and I get called mom all the time. It bothered me when I was 22, but I've been called worse. Never been bowed to, though.

phoebeperry6 14

What's the matter with that a lot of ppl do it especially if they've gotten close with the teacher. I call one of the teachers at my school grandma .

i could imagine that, arigato mum!

I tried to high five my principal at my high school graduation on stage on front of everybody... He left me hanging. :'(

Sorry for your embarrassment, but that would've been pretty funny to watch! I'm guessing the principle wasn't smiling at you either which makes it even funnier. He sounds like a jerk though.

He wasn't a jerk. He was actually a very nice man. He was just rather old and on the verge of retirement so I don't think he'd high fived anyone in a while. He just looked really confused when I put my hand up. After an awkward pause, I just went for the hand shake like everyone else.

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I had a rather formal polite Japanese teacher once so shaking hands was awkward; we all just developed a small nod as a greeting. No one told the class we just did it and in hindsight it was respectful and befitting because he was an awesome teacher.