By Anonymous - 29/07/2019 14:00

Today, I went over to my parents' house with my female, unspayed dog. I guess they haven’t had their dog neutered, because he tried to mount her. When I attempted to stop him, he knocked me into their stone fire pit, splitting my head and elbow open. FML
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Did you perhaps think of mentioning this before you brought your bitch in heat over?


Did you perhaps think of mentioning this before you brought your bitch in heat over?

I once saw a neutered male go to town on a blanket for like 30 minutes. A few years ago, my female dogs also went through a phase where they kept humping each other. It’s kinda just what dogs do.

First: unless you are intentionally breeding, Spay and Neuter! Duh! 2nd: Dogs will mount each other even if they are fixed. It’s actually pretty common so just because that happened doesn’t mean a dog isn’t fixed.

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Can’t blame this solely on your parents. You didn’t get your dog fix either.

If your dog isn’t fixed, you have to ask if any other dogs are fixed that your dog will be around. Even if you think you already know, ask.

GET. YOUR DANG. DOGS. FIXED. Jesus jumping christ on a pogo stick.

How big was the bloody dog to knock you over?!?

Unless you're a registered breeder, who has done the hard yards and properly researched your dogs health, etc. spay your ******* dogs. We've got enough strays and animals on death row. Spaying is part of being a responsible owner. But I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as your parents haven't spayed their dog either. On a side note, wtf did you think would happen putting two intact dogs together of the opposite sex? I'll give you a hint, it's not patty cake. YDI, no sympathy from me lol

Naw man, **** breeders too, no such thing as a good reason to breed.

You're ALL garbage for having unfixed animals. Even assuming these dogs never leave their houses unleashed, they miggt still get loose once or twice in their lifetime, by accident (actually the hormo al ones try way harder to get loose) and what are you gonna do if that escape results in a litter? You find say, six homes for your six puppies, that's six fewer shelter dogs who get adopted, and end up put down. People who fail to spay or neuter their dog or cat are dog and cat killers.