By C_Ramirez1695 - United States - Houston
Today, my grandpa set out snare traps to catch the foxes that have been around our property, because he wanted to protect our dog from being attacked by them. I then got a phone call from my dad telling me our dog got caught in one. FML
C_Ramirez1695 tells us more :
Unfortunately our dog has passed. It was a choke snare. I don't blame my grandpa he loved our dog just as much as we did, he was only trying to protect him. I don't know where you're from in the world but foxes and coyotes are not harmless. Our dog was a little shih tzu and a fox or coyote wouldn't think twice about attacking him.
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By  bankingbaker  |  15

poor dog :(

By  _kyleG_  |  34

Sounds like he was so ensnared with the foxes that he forgot about the dog's safety, trapping himself in quite the conundrum. It's a captivating story, really.

By  AirBusDriver  |  23

I rescued my dog from a snare trap on a neighboring property after she went missing for a day, traumatic as hell but she was unhurt. She's so smart, won't go near one now.

By  writerchic85  |  25

snare traps are cruel. Live humane traps would be better. Even if he ends up shooting the foxes at least they aren't tangled up in a painful trap beforehand. And is your dog alive?