Today, on Asshat Customers…

By Anna - 03/03/2022 03:59

Today, I waited on a party of 8. They were a bunch of obnoxious 20-something year-olds. Not only did they cause a commotion, they left the table a mess. I even found an open condom on the table. Gross. And you probably guessed it: they left no tip. Just a note on the tip line: “Lose weight fatass.” FML
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The last word in your comment wasn't necessary.


Most restaurants automatically charge parties of a certain size, 6 or 8, for example, a gratuity to avoid what happened to you, fatass.

The last word in your comment wasn't necessary.

It was. Otherwise, it would have been just a boring piece of information. The turnaround at the end should have surprised the reader, causing mirth and laughter.