By DIY560 - United States - Ambler
Today, I was trying to study for a test when my brother and his friends decided to play the chant game, meaning one person yells something weird and everyone else has to say it back without laughing. All I heard for about two hours was them yelling things like, "DICK NIPPLES." FML
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  PurelyCanadian  |  18

What #32 said .. I love how quickly everyone is to jump down my throat, though. :) Maybe it seemed so familiar because I recently read it on FML. Maybe that was the case. Don't know - don't care.

By  AUShano  |  15

Did you write any of it down on your notes?

Because it would be rather unfortunate if you were to subconsciously remember and write one of the chants down for the actual test answers....


I think the whole point of this FML was that they WERE annoying her. She was trying to study, and her brother and his friends were yelling "Dick nipples." I'd call that annoying.