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Today, I was trying to study for a test when my brother and his friends decided to play the chant game, meaning one person yells something weird and everyone else has to say it back without laughing. All I heard for about two hours was them yelling things like, "DICK NIPPLES." FML
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Good thing it want something like 'I love justin bieber'. They wouldnt have have been able to repeat without sobbing


Good thing it want something like 'I love justin bieber'. They wouldnt have have been able to repeat without sobbing

Everyone is saying to send him back to Canada. But even we aren't that mean. The Canadians have been nothing but kind to us, they don't deserve that.

At least Nickelback is out of the picture now and don't prance around looking like a tiny fairy swag fag and get done for DUIs and speeding.

JMichael 25

45- some people think their music is terrible.

Well, ever since we lost that hockey game, USA versus Canada, in the Olympics, the wager was whomever loses keeps Beiber.

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Should not be drinking anything while reading fmls

Please deport him to his real home. Hell. Wait... How about the bottom of the ocean. Sharkeisha can beat the shit out of him there.

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I was thinking it, I was just too lazy to call her out on it.

Yeah.. This comment would have been funny if you actually made it up yourself...

#19, 3 F MLs ago? More like half a year ago... at least!

No, 27, 3 FMLs ago. The one with the kid that made the dick out of play doh, comment 6

This phrase wasn't even coined on fml, sorry guys.

What #32 said .. I love how quickly everyone is to jump down my throat, though. :) Maybe it seemed so familiar because I recently read it on FML. Maybe that was the case. Don't know - don't care.

You guys must be new to the Internet. That phrase has been used hundreds of times already, it was not made up 3 FMLs ago.

makes me quite happy I have no brothers!

Did you write any of it down on your notes? Because it would be rather unfortunate if you were to subconsciously remember and write one of the chants down for the actual test answers....

Your brother and his mates sound quite immature. Hope you do/did well in the test :)

Oh come on. Just try saying dick nipples out loud without smiling!

You cannot win this game against your brother.

At least they were not annoying you :D

I think the whole point of this FML was that they WERE annoying her. She was trying to study, and her brother and his friends were yelling "Dick nipples." I'd call that annoying.

It's amazing how much sarcasm and joking is lost on the FML community

You can't make a bad comment then whine and say "it's sarcasm!!"

Hmmmmmm is it weird that the first thing I saw in this FML was the words dick nipples?

It sucks that you were trying to study but it sounds like they were having a good time! I hope you were able to study well.....ear plugs?