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Today, a cashier asked me if I would like to donate to breast cancer research. Since I have already made my donations this month, I politely declined. The cashier snorted and said, "Maybe you'll feel differently if someone you love got cancer." I'm a two-year survivor. FML
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kdog333 1

that sucks! she should feel horrible now!


kdog333 1

that sucks! she should feel horrible now!

Congrats on being a survivor. Both my grandmothers survived cancer and I'm happy for that every day.

I hope you have her a piece of your mind. That cashier is a bitch and no one will donate, when she asks, with that shitty attitude!

Maybe the cashier will get cancer and eat her own words

twinny_sc 13

The cashier was a jerk, but wishing cancer upon someone is disgusting.

31 - wishing cancer on anyone no matter how horrible they are makes you even worse

chickenflem 8

Tell her and watch her reaction. Priceless.

I'm happy for you op my mom survived breast cancer also! But cashiers shouldn't make you feel guilty if you politely decline ? They should respect your decision.

ioiehsos 2

No one deserves to get cancer if they wanted to be a bitch.. But karmas coming for her

kristabelli 19

This is exactly another reason why nobody should judge others - you have no idea what's going on in someone else's life. Don't assume that you do.

kate1238 9

I like how everyone assumes the cashier is a she

I hope you told her you were a survivor yourself after all that! I bet the look on her face was priceless! I love it when people are put in their place and made to look like idiots after they say such horrible things.

gczizza1997 15

Same thing happened to me! Except she said "maybe you'll feel different when your diagnose with a terrible disease" and I'm starting treatment for my cancer in a week. My mom tore the cashier apart when she said that. She got fired by the manager. Hope you gave that cashier some hell op!

More like F'her'L! I'd make her feel about 2" tall when I was done with her if I were you!

itsgen 16

I hope you told that ignorant bitch that you're a survivor :D Id complain to her manager

2 - I agree. There needs to be "justifiable assault" for a$$holes like that.

memily63 12

I would have backhanded that bitch in a heartbeat

You should have gave her a piece of you mind! Being a survivor is amazing!

HowAreYouToday 34

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I hate that bullcrap. Especially those ads that show the abused animals or the african kids; if they need money then they should just ask for it, not make everyone feel depressed and guilty until they want to throw money at the organization.

None of that money goes to helping anyway, it goes into the pockets of CEO's...

Salvation Army. Out of all of the big charities out there, their CEO makes the least. There are some out there who bring in six figures. As a CEO of a charity... Go figure.

26 - Child Fund International only puts 10% towards payroll. 80% goes directly to the project (the other 10% goes towards operating expenses). Source: charity navigator.

Yeah I sponsor a little boy through Child Fund. I did a lot I research an their figures are good.

I don't want to be "that guy" but I think cancer research is bullshit. How many millions of dollars have people donated that go to waste. They have been using chemotherapy since the 50's, nothing has changed. Instead of putting all that money towards "research" maybe help families that can't pay for the cancer treatments.

#54: Research is progressive. Chemists and biologist can't wake up one day and miraculously know how to cure cancer. Many of the professors I see are working on cancer research and have made great strides in their fields of study, and that's exactly what it is: progress.

55- I still don't think enough has progressed. All that money they are given that can go to so many other good causes, it just seems like a waste.

Well, if everyone thinks like you, people would still be dying from fever. Not all cancer is untreatable. Because of research, some forms of cancer can actually be treated.

agonydrum 7

58 there are a lot of possible cures for cancer that have worked once or twice or would work theoretically out there that have been discovered and are being studied and tested around the world, science isn't cheap or fast but without it we would be living in caves dieing of old age at 30 and eating raw meat

54- the money goes towards building new technologies with new materials for new and old chemists to break down cancer cells and test new biological micro weaponry against the deadly cells. Each test can take weeks or even months. If you think scientific revolution happens even in 50 years, consider this: even something as tedious as penicillin didn't exist until the fungi was found and tested, it took humanity hundreds of years to try something naturally existent. To MAKE a new chemical to combat a natural death dealer, you must be a demigod to expect results any quicker than the money can provide the chance. Money is temporary, a cute is forever. Worth it in my mind

54, you are making yourself sound ignorant. Even though certain parts of oncology keeps trampling, others make great strides e.g. hematology, which has been revolutionised by more specific diagnosis combined with imatinib and rituximab. Either way, chemotherapy is a broad subject involving way too many different treatment regimes to categorically state it's been the same for 50 years

#54: I'm guessing you haven't heard that a 17-year-old highschool student recently made a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer based on the very research that you think isn't worth funding.

Cancer research gets enough money as it is. Throwing a shitload more at it isn't going to suddenly change much, the bottleneck is current technology and understanding of the causes.

Howareyoutoday, I have read myriad FMLs that to have commented on. Every one of your comments SUCK

54- Because millions of dollars for cancer research is a waste but the extraordinary amount needed for the us army is not. There are a lot of things you could be against, but you choose to argue about cancer research.

164- I'm all for cutting military spending also. Don't make me out as a villain for just saying I think too much is spent on research. I agree, we need research to progress, but again maybe take a part of the donated money and give it to families that can't pay for the treatments themselves. Then no one has to go all Breaking Bad and start cooking meth.

Fun fact: Those adds on tv only donate a minuscule amount of the money you place in the palm of their hand. It's all a scam. Wanna make a difference? Get directly involved.

There have actually been a lot of improvements. Chemotherapy is still a prime treatment, yes, but for a great many forms of cancer the chemo options have been refined and improved to provide better outcomes and fewer side-effect problems -- my grandfather didn't even lose his hair with his chemo. Cancer survival rates have doubled since the 1970s, and breast cancer survival rates have tripled. There's no magic-bullet cure (a universal cure is actually unlikely, as there are so many different types and causes of cancer), but a whole lot of very good progress has been made. I am happy to keep donating to continue the progress and research, and am thankful that so many other people do, too.

Every time those animal commercials come on I change the channel because I already adopted a dog and saved it and I refuse to be guilt tripped into getting another that I can't care for!

#22 agreed. I don't mind the ads that much but there 5 minutes long! It's like, WE GET IT!!

**** that guy. Talk to their manager, get them fired.

I agree. If they want to make crass assumptions like that they need a lesson in life on how to think before they speak, or judge people.

You do realize at some grocery stores that cashiers have fundraising quotas they're supposed to achieve. If they don't reach them they can get in a lot of trouble, even if unionized. I know, I work as a grocery store cashier and run our store's charity program on the side. She did her job and probably had a lot of pressure to do so. To all of you who complain about her judging others, don't judge her either.

Ng 132 I also work at a grocery store and run several donation programs over the years. While my company doesn't give a quota and are therefore under a little less pressure there is a tactful way to handle such a situation. I know as a cashier it can be frustrating when you are asking for donations and people say no but like OP said they already made whatever donations she was planning to make that month. The cashier should have never said what they said. No customer is under any obligation to donate and the cashier should treat them no differently if they choose not to donate. What if they are broke? Or shopping for someone else? Or what if they simply don't want to donate their money? It's their right to do with their money what they please. The cashier needs to shut up, smile and do their job.

And you think that's a good reason to respond to a customer like that? Seriously? They will get NO donations like that!

Don't shoot the messenger, assholes. Simply telling you how it is!

Ran out of time to edit: I set a new fundraising record at my store this past weekend with that attitude because I just lost a grandparent to cancer. You're still judging, without knowing the facts.

I have a lot of pressure to do my job that doesn't mean because I get stopped by a customer that needs help I should tell them to **** off. you're not making any sense. what that cashier did was stupid. none of us know what someone is going through so to assume is idiotic on her part. point blank period. .

Quiet_one 22

Make a complaint to the manager and teach that jerk a lesson about being rude.

*seconds* No-one has to put up with jerks, either side of the cash desk.

No one should feel guilt someone to donate. OP should have talked to the manager about this.

I hope you told them that... Then told their manager.

thelinlinx3 10

"And maybe you'll feel differently too once you find out that I am a two-year survivor." Some people could really be assholes.

Ah, the guilt trip. Not only an effective method of argument with friends and family, but a (not so impressive) marketing probe. I hope you told him that you're a survivor. He'll have a big enough guilt trip to buy you a new car.

9- it's effective if you don't do it often.. You must be patient and seize the perfect opportunity! Then reap the rewards :).

You win! But seriously, that sucks. Congratulations on being a survivor!

sweetmama88 6

Explain to me how that is a win ?

Because that's the first rule in customer service: be sure that they walk out of the store feeling guilty.