By LindsayK - 09/04/2009 06:18 - United States

Today, my step-mother threw a surprise party on my acceptance to college. People kept telling me how delightfully shocked and happy they are for me. "UPenn" was written everywhere, when I really got into Penn State. Everyone thinks I'm going to an Ivy League. FML
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At least you weren't the kid who got into UPenn and then had everyone hold him a Penn State party.

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Atleast he's doing something to better his future.

dangit!--i was so excited to be first, just a few seconds short lol anyway, what i planned on saying: ohh that sucks dude--i actually always wondered if people made that mistake. Penn State's still a good school though!

lol It's your mother who should be embarrassed... XD

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I really don't consider this a FML. Even though it's slightly embarrassing, that you're not going to an ivy league school when everyone thinks you are, it's just a simple mistake someone made. Like #2 said, it is a good college. Just be happy you got into college

nah, penn state sucks. only retarded ***** go there.

hey fagget! i went to penn state and im now a sucsessful laywer so STFU your probably jelous because go to college because not enough people picked you up.

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"hey fagget! i went to penn state and im now a sucsessful laywer so STFU your probably jelous because go to college because not enough people picked you up." Okay, sweetie, if you actually did indeed go to Penn State and become a "successful" lawyer, you would know how to construct a proper sentence. Let me show you how your sentence is suppose to be wrote. 1. "hey" should be capitalized. 2. "fagget" is spelled "fagot". 3. "i" is supposed to be capitalized. 4. "im" is spelled "I'm". 5. "your" in the context that you are using is spelled "you're" ("you are"). 6. "jelous" is spelled "jealous". 7. From the word "because" and on, your sentence fails to make any sense. Therefore, you are a failure to lawyers and Penn State. Learn proper sentence structure and grammar before you spout off about how much of a success you are, then maybe you will actually look more like an educated "lawyer", instead of an uneducated idiot.

^ Wow, way to show him.

you forgot about "sucsessful" ! it's spelled succsessful... what a ******* arrogant moron.

No, it's successful..

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245 *became *******

You forgot lawyer too. The idiot wrote "laywer".

Next time, don't correct someone f you are then going to spell something wrong, 245. The past tense of write is written, not "wrote" and it's spelled "******", not "fagot".

actually it is wrote. I wrote this. he wrote this. he had written.

No it's written. and after the because it makes sense, he's saying she holds some anger( I know there's a good word to use here, but I forget it:/) towards the school because it is where she had a bad experience with her sex life, he's just assuming she went there

1. Capitalize "hey". 2. It's "******", not "fagget" (or fagot, for that matter) 3. Capitalize "i". 4. Capitalize "penn state". Both words. 5. Capitalize "im" and add an apostrophe in between the now capitalized I and m. (I'm not sure, but you should probably switch "now" and "im".) 6. It's "successful", not "sucsessful". 7. "lawyer", not "laywer". 8. Probably being a bit nit-picky here (as if I haven't already been this entire time), but I don't think you should use abbreviations. Oh, look, it's in the commenting policy. 9. Run-on sentence. Put a period between "STFU" and "your". 10. (First, you'd capitalize "your" with the period, [but you probably wouldn't, being the uneducated imbecile you've shown yourself to be]) It's "You're", not "Your". It really pisses me off to see so many people mistake them. 11. (Maybe insert "just" in between "jelous" and "probably") "jealous", not "jelous". 12. "because go to college"? You mean "because you couldn't go to college"? And, ending on lucky number 13. "because not enough people picked you up"? What the hell am I supposed to understand in that phrase? Well, forgive my Grammar Nazi-rant, but I felt as though this abomination of a comment (and a person) had to be corrected (even though it already was). Bye, now.

You: 0 Your mom: 0 Life: 1

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well, it's actually up there. It's kind of like the ivy league of public universities (ivy league colleges are private). so congrats! not that much of an fml...

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I see how people could make that mistake. I certainly have before, hehe. Don't sweat it; penn state is still a good school!

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What do you mean#268 ?

#273, what #268 is probably referring to is the head coach Jerry Sandusky scandal. Where he sexually abused kids and used his position to get access to children. Many top officials were somewhat aware of it, but made no effort to address the situation or report him.

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nothing wrong with FML...

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whoooo Penn Statee!!! much more fun than upenn fo sho.

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