By Anonymous - 22/01/2016 19:31 - United States - Cloquet

Today, my shitburglar of an ex asked me to take him back. He said dumping me was a huge mistake. He dumped me because I was bed-ridden for several weeks and was in no condition to have sex. If his social media is anything to go by, he only wants me back because he couldn't get laid elsewhere. FML
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I pictured the hamburglers evil twin shitburgler when I read that.


I completely agree #2, OP deserves so much better than this guy and his douchebaggery. Hell, everyone deserves so much better than that!

sabby7 17

kick him to the curb. what a pig.

He's already on the curb by his own devices.

Sounds like he's trying to crawl off it though, OP needs to make sure he stays there.

Don't take that douche dick back, you deserve better than that.

Sounds like you are way better off OP no need to have junk like that in your life.

Seriously, how tf are there people who say you deserved it? You deserve to be treated better. e_e

Oyas12 14

its probably an accident or people just running by clicking "YDI"

aeryn97 17

really this isn't a fml. you're better off without him. so you're in a better place now. chin up. you deserve better.

hehe1996 15

It sounds like you're much better off without him OP.

He needs you for sex OP, not a relationship. He's a jerk for even thinking about it.

Leave him in the gutter where he belongs OP! The fact that he's ruthless enough to try to get back with someone whom he left because they physically could not have sex shows how unbelievably stupid he is. Hopefully he'll cross paths with karma. You're way better off without him!