By annoying - 10/01/2012 01:30 - United States

Today, I bought a key finder that responds to loud, high-pitched, annoying tones. It beeps every time I talk. FML
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That's just the universe telling you to stfu.

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Sounds like Lloyd Christmas was wrong... Your voice is the most annoying sound in the world... Congrats

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Same thing happens when my cousin talks...he's a guy

I have one of these. My sister activates it every time she talks as well. It's annoying as hell.

Got one once from my mom, I couldn't listen music, whistle or talk without getting its annoying beep. Took off the battery, threw it on the highest shelf in my closet. Hope yours wasn't too expensive.

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Dont play Justin bieber near it...

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I hate people that post rude comments like you. I just want to strangle them.