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By  alycion  |  38

I’m on disability. I take off days. Lupus kicks my ass. Dealing with doctors every day of the week is more exhausting than any job I had. Put yourself in her shoes with whatever has her disabled. Or if she’s faking the system, report her.

By  M. Moore  |  7

I have Multiple Sclerosis. It's an invisible disability and it is very difficult to function. I am literally sitting here at 8 in pain trying not to cry on Father's Day and be with the family. Waking up...I can be exhausted. Taking a shower...I need a nap. I would love a vacation! Perhaps you don't understand... just because you can't physically see a disability does not mean a person is not suffering. Being disabled is very hard. I wish I could work right now.

By  Wadlaen  |  21

I am on disability myself, because of a car accident some years ago, and as a result of quite a few medical tests and examinations afterwards, and would love to be able to work - what gets me off is people who are on disability and just sit around, wasting their time, wich puts the rest of us in a bad light - and I think that some of them needs a kick in the ass.
I guess, since she is your mother you are probably aware of her need for/lack of need for disability and I wish you (and her) the best of luck for the time coming, and for your relationship!