By Anonymous - 09/06/2019 02:00

Today, my mother told me she's planning on taking the next two weeks "off". She is unemployed and on disability, and spends her days on the couch watching Netflix. Off from what? FML
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I’m on disability. I take off days. Lupus kicks my ass. Dealing with doctors every day of the week is more exhausting than any job I had. Put yourself in her shoes with whatever has her disabled. Or if she’s faking the system, report her.

I have Multiple Sclerosis. It's an invisible disability and it is very difficult to function. I am literally sitting here at 8 in pain trying not to cry on Father's Day and be with the family. Waking up...I can be exhausted. Taking a shower...I need a nap. I would love a vacation! Perhaps you don't understand... just because you can't physically see a disability does not mean a person is not suffering. Being disabled is very hard. I wish I could work right now.

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I am on disability myself, because of a car accident some years ago, and as a result of quite a few medical tests and examinations afterwards, and would love to be able to work - what gets me off is people who are on disability and just sit around, wasting their time, wich puts the rest of us in a bad light - and I think that some of them needs a kick in the ass. I guess, since she is your mother you are probably aware of her need for/lack of need for disability and I wish you (and her) the best of luck for the time coming, and for your relationship!