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Today, my mom took away my car, phone, dog, laptop and college fund because I told her she lets me down sometimes. I'm moving to Arizona for college in two weeks. FML
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woah woah woah! she took your dog?

I'm sure that you will get everything back before you go, if not that's pretty messed up, especially taking your dog.


FYL well you have two weeks to get back in her good books and get all your stuff back. Good luck op !

Tartara 14

That was a huge overreaction on her part. But I'm saying YDI, because she did provide that car, the college fund, your laptop. Unless you bought it all yourself without help and paid rent, if that's the case then I'm way off. But if she did provide that, then I can see how your statement could come off as ungrateful. And you don't bite the hand that feeds you, unless you're prepared to not be fed. Now hopefully in two weeks she'll calm down, you'll talk to her and you reconcile.

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Except that is what a parent provides for their children and they should do it without being hostile because that is what they signed up for when they made the decision to have a child, in which the child had no say. Just as the mother's parents provided for her, and the parents of the mother's parents provided for them so on and so forth. If someone decides to have children, they can not hold providing for the child against them and they certainly should not do that if the child points out that they have indeed let them down before if it's the truth. Just because it's your mother does not mean she's automatically a perfect untouchable saint, they make mistakes too and should not hold it against someone for truthfully pointing that out.

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Cell phone, car, laptop, and dog aren't necessary requirements for providing for a child. The college tuition is, though.

In this day and age cell phones and laptops are most definitely essential for a child especially one going to college.

mariri9206 32

Cell phones and laptops are not essentials. They're luxuries. A roof, things to eat, college tuition are essentials.

I cannot believe all the down votes for the really accurate statements about the items owned by the parents, belong to the parents, thus can be taken by the parents. In just ten years since I went to college, students expectations have gotten really unrealistic. Your parents worked hard to earn their money, it is their right to use it how they want to. It is not a "fundamental right" or "basic necessity" to have a car, cell phone, laptop and college paid for by your parents. It is nice (and extremely generous I must add), to have parents provide that for you. Its extremely hurtful and ungrateful to say the mom disappointed the kid. Yet people think it's valid for the kid to say that, but can't see the hypocrisy in believing the mom doesn't have the right to be "disappointed" in her child's attitude. I think the mom is trying to prove a point and illustrate a life lesson in entitlement. I think all the down voters are in for a rude awakening in the real word, when you discover talking like that to people who have authority and control over your future, life and money (like bosses or even police), has consequences. If you were smart, you'd take a slice of humble pie, swallow your pride, apologize, and you have a good chance of regaining what you lost. The people who will downvote me will argue that the kid shouldn't have to, because they have the right to express their opinion as an adult. They do, but as an adult, you also have to accept adult consequences. I've learned a lot of times you can either chose to demand to prove you are right or you can be happy. I choose to be happy and think about my actions and their consequences, thinking the long term. I doubt the kid paid for all of that stuff themselves and until the OP clarifies, it's a moot point. However, it's not like you can take the dog to college with you in the dorms and I'm sure you can still visit them. I paid for my college myself and all the stuff that went along with it. I worked three jobs. It's possible, and the sense of pride and accomplishment afterwards is awesome. My relationship with my parents wasn't good for many years, but I swallowed my pride, chose to be happy (instead of forcing everyone to acknowledge I was right) and the relationship is amazing now. My parents had enough money to pay for my college, but that was not their responsibility just because they birthed me, nor was it an inherent right. Work hard, do it on your own or apologize.

I agree 100%

#53, I couldn't agree with you more!

@53 When I was 15 I told my mom how I thought it was unfair that there was no debate on certain topics, just a no and that I didn't think that was productive for me growing up or our relationship. She punished me. Then when I was 23 and through college I cut off all ties because by the time I was 23 she still did that. I never complained about it again though. I learned my lesson in that one. Silence not honesty. That is the lesson you are teaching by punishing honesty. You are not teaching them gratitude, love or the value of good work. I didn't need the things I got punished with. If there was no more money or my mom had a talk with me about how I was growing old enough to provide for them myself then there would be no hard feelings.

So what you're saying is, if your parent is abusive, you should pretend that they're the best parents, and if you dare confront them, you deserve to have your stuff taken away from you.

Give her some time to come to her senses.

mariri9206 32

Can't help with the rest but work at Starbucks and attend Arizona State University - they'll pay for your college tuition.

how are you typing this now then?

I was thinking the same thing

how old are you? that barely sounds legal

Dey took his dog! Durk a dur!

Where else but Texas?

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I don't blame her. You sound very ungrateful for all those things that I'm sure she provided. She's your mom. Treat her with respect. Apologize instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

So having a mature conversation with your mom is disrespectful? A parent of a college age child should be able to cope with hearing that sometimes things aren't perfect. Having a frank dialogue is a healthy thing, but it sounds like OPs mother is incapable of dealing with things like an adult. OP has just learned a lesson here. Not that their mom is worthy of respect, but rather that she's a child who throws tantrums.

College age child may be an oxymoron, but the OP will always be their mother's child. And if the mother can't handle hearing criticism from her adult child, then she's the one that needs to grow up. Parents are not invincible, no matter what they provide, their children should be able to express their feelings towards them without receiving punishment. If they don't allow this, that's a pretty good way to alienate your kids and ensure they keep your relationship at arms length.

No one automatically deserves respect, they have to earn it.

well then you don't need the college founds so claim the car that you state you own and the dog and let her keep what belong to her