By indigohero - United Kingdom - Leicester
Today, at my work at a charity shop, I reached into a new bag of donations only to pull out... used underwear. Thanks for your generosity. FML
indigohero tells us more :
@22 Yeah that's exactly what I do now since this happened and @21 exactly. I swear some of the stuff people "donate" is ridiculous. It's clearly just stuff they couldn't be bothered to dispose of properly. One time, someone "donated" a small bag with a bundle of string and a rock in it (??) and another time someone had "donated" their old retainer..... just, why? And @16 it's true we get money for bags of rags and damaged clothing that we can't sell, but we don't actively ask for items like this - we ask for "good quality items", and while it's not so bad just throwing torn or worn clothes in a bag, it's kinda disgusting to have to sort through used underwear, stained baby clothes and dirty old socks, to name a few things. People donating clearly don't think through that an actual person has to sort through this stuff when they hand it over. Thankfully most of the stuff we get is fine though, there's just the odd few where you have to wonder what they were thinking. And generally I love working there, it's just nice to complain sometimes haha :)
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  pandainspandex  |  19

DO NOT donate underwear. Just don't. Throw it away, ya nasties.


There's actually a big market for used women's panties online. They can go for as much as $100 if they're a sexier style and pictures are included. It's gross and creepy that anyone would buy them. But hey, if you're in a tight spot why not ship 'em out to some lonely pervert so he can sniff where your crotch used to be.