By bblubblerfisch - Austria - Vienna
Today, after spending six months completely repainting and redecorating our new home, I finally finished the last touches and went to remove the masking tape. Off came the tape, along with huge blotches of plasterwork. FML
bblubblerfisch tells us more :
Hey all. OP here. First of all I'm glad this was posted, because when the first blotch came off, I was thinking 'Oh NO! This is so FML!' and yeah - here it is :) And then - to clear up a few things: 1. This is not my first language and 'masking tape' was just what google translater told me 'Malerkrepp' means in English. Anyways: it was the right kind of tape, we used it on the whole house and it worked everywhere else except this particular wall because 2. there was a strange kind of 'wax' paint under a whole lot of other layers that apparently was not fit to be re-painted. Ours is a very old house and we didn't know the former owners used this. But I'm a lucky one. My fiancé filled the gaps in with painter's filling yesterday and after repainting all of it tonight I hope we will truly be done. Finally. And 3. I certainly didn't leave the tape on for half a year! This is just the amount of time we have been working on the whole project. #70 : I loved your comment! Thank you, this really helped and it's exactly what we are doing. Have a nice day everyone! :)
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  wlddog  |  14

Different tape has different chemicals to stick to things. That is why they make different kinds of tape. Some take is safe to peel for 8 hours. Others longer or shorter. But if you wait too long to remove the tape it cures and the adhesive dries up and the tape becomes a real pain to remove.
OP either waited too long to remove the tape, or used the wrong kind of tape.

  pradip  |  26

Yep masking tapes are strong enough to pull of the plaster, masking tapes are generally used to paint metal bodies, like buses and stuffs. I've never heard of painting tapes though.

  boots73  |  2

It's called painters tape and generally is blue but I believe there may be other colors. It's not the same as masking tape. My ex-hubby is a painter and sent me to the store when we were dating for painters tape. I got masking tape not knowing the difference. Needless to say I went back to the store.

  russfml  |  31

That's if you can afford it. It is much cheaper to do it yourself and painting is easy. Just buy green painting tape and your golden. Common sense goes a long way and saves money. Ydi

By  perdix  |  29

Were you using duct tape as masking tape? Rookie mistake getting the two confused.

I'll bet your sex slaves are easily chewing through the tape and escaping your pleasure dungeon.

  Pleonasm  |  34

What a bad pleasure dungeon if the only thing between them and freedom is some duct tape!
I use a pit with a locked titanium grate over it, the sides sheer, and doused with Hydroflouric acid, with pneumatic dildos coming out of the ground-

I mean what? Oh yes, masking tape. Great for walls.

  TheDrifter  |  23

I just lock the door and put my 400 lb nymphomaniac cousin "Vinnie" outside without a key. Even if they get out of the chains they're not getting far, and listening to him beg them to break out is hours of entertainment.

  kyleekay  |  25

Home improvement stores could use that premise to make a pretty amusing commercial, Public Service Announcement style: "Friends don't let friends plaster while plastered". :P