By Blaphlafagus - 01/11/2013 01:16 - United States - Killeen

Today, I broke my tooth nearly in half. On a completely unrelated note, the Jew's Harp is my new least-favorite instrument. FML
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Blaphlafagus tells us more.

Kinda awkward that I play the saxophone as my main instrument... Ok story time, so I was sitting there in my Music Theory class just messing around because it was near the end of the period and one of my friends brought this instrument thing called a Jew's Harp or Jaw Harp. They said it plays by vibrating your teeth or something so, not thinking clearly, put it directly against my teeth and pulled the thing back really far and let it loose. I have no clue what I was thinking at the time. Luckily I'll go to the dentist on Monday and get it all nice and pretty again.

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It would hurt breaking a tooth like that. On a completely unrelated note, I have to change the drive belt of my car.

Don't forget to brush your teeth before your dentist visit. Wouldn't want the dentist to forget to wash his hands.


tehdarkness 21

I don't know what a Jews harp is. I also don't like how this Fml is worded...

I bet you're saying 'that toothache can bite me'

Google is your friend, young jedi.

Ouch, FYL OP. Good luck with the dental bills

\ 28

This FML seems incredibly trivial aside from the chipped tooth...

you no understando sarcasmo?

Psst ... 17, Usted no lo entiendes idiota?

Tough luck OP. On the bright side you can now hope for a good looking dentist :)

Dentists are the third most likely of all occupations to commit suicide.

timss4 19

Doesn't mean they can't be good looking lol

#18 what does that have to do with anything?

Everything 32... everything.

@18, state your sources.

Google. As for 32, Metalocalypse Season 3 episode 3.

Allornone 35

While the rational part of me wants to let this slide, I just can't: GOOGLE IS NOT A SOURCE! At best, Google is reference tool that can be used to find sources. Your source is the webpage you found the information on. Okay, I'm done. Carry on with your lives.

I truly apologize for not googling it again to get the actual web address.

It would hurt breaking a tooth like that. On a completely unrelated note, I have to change the drive belt of my car.

Man, I can't imagine breaking my teeth like that. All my mental imagery makes it worse as well. On a completely different note, Sufjan Stevens is a pretty cool guy.

Absolute slut of a thing when the belt breaks in your car, hope it dosent cost too much mate.

41- I know right? Drive belts are such whores, riding all the gears in the engine in such a shameless fashion.

Sinistra_Blue 12

I've gone through two radiators because of a tiny leak in my head gasket. Cars can be quite a pain sometimes.

That sucks, I got one of my front teeth broken in half with a sling shot. One root canal and cap later costed 1500. And then I had to replace that after 4 years when the bone holding the root canals rod was deteriorating. So I got that pulled and am awaiting an implant along with a bone graft within the next year or two. Of all things to break teeth are pretty expensive. And painful. Not to mention inconvenient. And unsightly.

No, it really doesn't. Not here in the US.

I broke a tooth biting into a piece of toast. It wasn't particularly hard toast, either. =/

Don't forget to brush your teeth before your dentist visit. Wouldn't want the dentist to forget to wash his hands.

how's it unrelated when the the Jews harp broke your tooth?

You seem to have missed the point.

k so what's the point ?

It was a joke. You missed it. That was the point.


just Google what a Jew's harp is.

it seems to me that no one in this thread understands that OP's use of "on a completely unrelated note" is sarcasm.

It just characterizes him as a damned LIAR. Would've been just as funny if he'd said "related" instead of "unrelated". Now I could punch him in the face and break another tooth of his bc lying liar lies. The fiend.

I think I'll stay away from Jew harps for awhile...oh wait I work with music...drat...

If you make music similar to the band whose logo you are using as a profile picture and somehow manage to incorporate Jewish harp into it, please show me. I am actually quite curious.

I don't think it's actually Jewish, that's what it's called though. It's more commonly called a jaw harp, or it's called a mouth harp. (I'm Jewish and I play the jaw harp)

TheDrifter 23

It's a traditional Jewish instrument. It Had always been a mouth harp to them, but it is/was a Jew harp to everyone else. Not politically correct, so it's slowly being renamed to jaw harp.

Oh no! Breaking your tooth like that! And now that's your favourite instrument! I see many more broken teeth in your future x

Least* favorite.