By VisceralWolf - 26/01/2016 06:35 - United States - Fairborn

Today, my girlfriend wasn't kidding when she said that if I hit her cervix just the 'right' way during sex, she'd puke. I was on the bottom. FML
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VisceralWolf tells us more.

OP here, I made an account just to respond. To explain, my girlfriend is very rarely on top, and she was in the kind of pain wanting 'mood' that she didn't notice the contact and I certainly wasn't aware of it. I already knew that she said this could happen and avoided it at all costs. Well, turns out the angle and her weight pushing down caused us to reach the limit and well... I was on the bottom. Simple as that. I in no way did this on purpose. She knows it too.

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Should've listened lmao.

Obviously it's awful for her if he hits her cervix, but that doesn't apply to all women? It's a fantastic feeling for me, and I really get off on it, so it's definitely not true for all women. Also his girlfriend was on top, and typically that means she'd be more in control, not definitely but typically, so it may not be his fault at all


Should've listened lmao.

We are men!! We don't do such things!! lol

i would find that hard to believe so maybe i wouldve been like OP

But uh she was on top... so she should really be controlling the movement

hamrtym 15

#38 I sometimes grab onto my girls hips and thrust from the bottom so it just depends on who was "running the show" at the time

Yikes! That's one way to ruin the mood.

Your profile pic matches perfectly your comment

#44 and you're an asshole.

Should have been on top bro

She would have choked on her own vomit if that happened.

Lol hit it from the back next time

Psycocharger 19

That sucks OP :( Well, next time you know what *NOT* to do.

IF there will be a next time...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't hitting a woman's cervix extremely painful?

normally, it shouldn't be.

For some women, it is very painful. Others enjoy it, though. To each her own.

I had an iud inserted, which means it needs to go past the cervix. I had bad cramps all day.

It's not painful for me, but I don't know about other women.

not really for me its sends a wave of pleasure over me

Badkarma4u 17

Depends on the women. Some love it some hate it.

I've never heard of it being horribly painful, but apparently it is for some. For me it ranges from feeling really good, to a tolerable uncomfortableness.

wow i'm surprised my comment got so downvoted that it had to be buried when i was simply stating a fact. google "cervical excitation", and you will find out that if it hurts when the cervix is "hit" or what have you, it's a classical sign of gynaecological disease.

neuronerd 28

And this is why bigger isn't always better.

the 6" vs the 8" ....

Whoa I didn't even know the cervix and puking could be related. Sorry the mood was killed and hopefully you can try again soon.

Sometimes severe pain can make you puke, so that might be the cause in OP's girlfriend's case.

next time you better listen, so you can both atleast enjoy it.

By the wording I'm inferring that you purposely did so to test the theory. If I'm correct then this is a major YDI, however if it were an accident then I weep in sympathy pain for the both of you.