cmc9540 tells us more.

Maybe I am. They did look better than mine

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... But was he pretty?..

Men want to be told they look good too


... But was he pretty?..

It's pretty, but is it art? :p

...Or witty, or BRIIIIIGHT?

It's a pity. Witty jokes are given itty bitty.

since when was painting nails only for women? Jeez i hate when people act like there are "rules" to follow if you're a certain gender .

How is this an fml?

Sounds hot

Men want to be told they look good too

Yes that may be true; however, I don't think that painting his toenails pink would make a woman feel attracted to him!

Unless maybe he'd paint her nails too?

My dad always painted my nails growing up. He was really good at it. He never painted his own nails though....

That's adorable!!!!!

#115 wow! You have a cool dad there! My dad shouted at me and even threatened to disown me just cuz I've painted my nails, I'm 18. fml

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, so pretty and witty and...wait, I'm the only one that has that song stuck in their head now?

Anger management ... Jack was effing hilarious

You're not the only one! The song went through my head as I read the FML, then scrolling through the comments, I saw the lyrics! Thus, I thumbed you up.

That isn't where the song originated 6.

Well NOW I do! Thanks a lot #3!

Wasn't that from Analyze This! when DeNiro sang it?

I believe it was originally a Doris Day song from way back when :)

Ooops! It's from west side bad lol

No #3 I am the same as #7

I can't believe how few people know that it's from west side story. That's a classic...

Posts like this are why I'd like a button that says "who cares" or "Not an FML"... or "Who gives a fuck?" ... I'm not seriously seeing why this is such a big fucking deal and just makes the OP look a bit judgmental...

And showing a few eccentricities will affect his ability to be a father how exactly?

I hate all the FMLs that are like "this is my new husband." at the end, its not like OP didn't have a choice

Lol, can you imagine OP saying, "I want a divorce because you painted your nails pink and THAT'S NOT OKAY!" God, how fucking shallow.

Ok while that may be true but it could disturb OP because she married this guy and had no clue about this particular quirk. Don't be so harsh. I'd be a bit freaked out if I came home to this and him saying he wanted to be "pretty."

I would think this could potentially make him a better father. If he is more accepting of things that are outside the gender norms, he can pass on that open midedness to his child. Or, even if his kid wants to explore something that isn't "appropriate" for his or her gender, than he can be supportive and unjudgrmental like that dad in Germany who wore a skirt so his son would feel comfortable wearing a dress in public :')

It won't affect his fathering abilities at all.

Damn. Last week he was dressing up in a tiny black dress, this week painting nails. Some one get this man a coupon for the spa please!

Why is that a bad thing? If a man wants to sit in his own home and paint his own toenails, that's his right, and you should just be pleased that he's enjoying himself.

This x100. I'd consider alcoholism or drug abuse something to be worried about. Painting toenails? That barely even makes a spot on my "Weird" list, let alone on my "Things that would make my husband a bad father" list.

I'd personally rather have a father that paints his nails rather than a closed-minded mother.... Jus sayin'

Lol well having one of each might be a good thing the baby can be more well rounded and haha maybe even get to paint nails with dad.

Real men wear pink! It's manly!

I'm putting a YDI here, because if you're married and having a child together, then you should have already seen this aspect of his personality. And if somehow you didn't, YDI. Twice. For not knowing the man you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

I'm more surprised at how this actually made it onto FML

As amazing as it might seem, you can never know everything about your spouse. Imagine how boring it would be if they could never surprise you with anything anymore o.O Either way, good luck with getting to know someone completely before getting married. I'll keep a free spot in my agenda in about 200 years.

You act like it's a big deal. I bet he looked fabulous with those pink nails. :D

I bet he did too. I bet OP is just jealous. ;)

Maybe I am. They did look better than mine

That shows skill. Looks like he didn't get any polish on the skin or sides. Now he can paint yours. He has no excuse.