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  brezzyanna  |  17

I barely know the first names of my cousins. I wouldn't know about any weddings unless my parents told me. Also, depending on how old the OP is, the invitation may have been addressed to their parents, not them individually, so they wouldn't have received an invitation or any information other than what the parents tell OP

By  Waxwell  |  21

10 hours isn't the worst. Pack some comfortable clothes, get a phone charger, some snacks, some water, and you should be fine. Hopefully, if you have a job, you told your boss you couldn't come in (because of the wedding and all)

By  mswim  |  27

My real question is, how did you now know your family was going to your cousins wedding? Unless that was a surprise to. In which case, damn man. Your family needs to work on their communication skills.

  mswim  |  27

What do you mean?

I just found it odd that OP didn't know his cousin was getting married. Hence why I said "unless that was a surprise too." As in, OP's parents didn't even tell them a relative was getting married.

By  aliciousness116  |  16

At the moment, I'm concerned about whether you had enough time to find a nice dress to wear at your cousin's wedding. Last minute shopping for a wedding can be so pressurising! Omg. How did you do it? #girlproblems

  xxcutekatxx2  |  12

all a guy would need is jeans and a nice shirt. if you don't have that laying around your cupboard somewhere then it's a worry.
same time females should also have a nice dress for last minute events.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Wearing jeans to a wedding is the most classless thing a person could do and says a lot about the person, in my opinion. Guys should have an emergency nice suit that can go with most dress shirts/shoes that they have for events like this.

  GhostFox  |  33

It depends on the setting of the wedding. Some weddings are very casual and wearing a full suit would be considered rude for over dressing. At other weddings, wearing jeans would be a good way to be 'asked' to leave. That said, men do have it slightly easier when it comes to formal wear. No one would bat an eye at a man wearing the same suit to two occasions(if they could even tell it was the same suit) as long as it was properly cleaned and stored during the between time. Women, for some reason, seem to be expected to buy all new outfits for each formal event- or at least never wear two items from an outfit together again. Obviously that varies some depending on where you live and what financial bracket the event is being held for.