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Today, my dad spent 30 minutes incorrectly correcting me about our legal system. He thinks he knows more than me because he's been divorced twice. I'm a lawyer. FML
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Steffi3 40

Sounds like he's divorced for a reason

Wow, he must be AWFUL at courting. Huehuehue


Steffi3 40

Sounds like he's divorced for a reason

I can't wait till OPs father goes through another divorce and hires him to be his lawyer. Then we'll see whose smarter.

Don't become a victim of stereotypes. How do we know OP is a man? Women also make excellent lawyers.

I feel like this is gone over way too often. There is no explicitly mentioned gender in this fml, in almost every language when a "genderless" person is mentioned the default pronouns are masculine. This has nothing to do with stereotypes.

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Actually, the default pronouns are "they", as in any gender...

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#35.. ACTUALLY.. "they" is plural. You don't use "they" or any of its derivatives for a singular person, such as OP. It's only used to describe 2 or more people in 3rd person context.

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"They" is not just plural. It's actually very common to use if you don't know the gender of someone. It is gender neutral. Male pronouns are not gender neutral.

I wasn't being stereotypical or sexist for that matter.

Yes it's commonly used but that doesn't make it correct either. As a feminist, this argument is completely stupid, as it was said before when you don't know the actual pronouns it's common to just use male pronouns. It has nothing to do with op being a lawyer.

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It's in the dictionary, it's on Google, and it's a correct way to address someone.

That's because men can't deal with having a feminine pronoun used when it includes them, but women can deal with masculine pronouns including them because we don't have fragile egos.

Really people? Does it even matter? If the person doesn't specify anyone is free to interpret op in whatever gender they see fit. As for the comments on feminism, both genders have negatives. The point of their being two genders is so we balance each other out. Men, grow up and quit treating women like objects. Women accept that there are certain things men can do that you can't just like men accept that woman can do things you can't. We both need each other to survive. I'm so tired of hearing about how women have it so bad here. They can vote, own property and receive the same pay as men provided they are doing an equal amount of work or doing the same job. In other countries women are treated as second class citizens. Shot if they disagree or sexually assaulted. If you really want to fight for the rights of women everywhere go to these countries instead of complaining about how tough you have it here. Just my OPINION. I don't hate women and I know a majority of women who would agree with me. I'm not a misogynist. I support equality not feminism.

Your dad's an idiot. I hate people who think they know everything about something...especially if it's about the law system because there are always rules thrown in there that you don't know about.

Some people will always be stubborn. Sorry OP.

Wow, he must be AWFUL at courting. Huehuehue

Punny. Good job. I actually laughed, regardless of how lame this is :)

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Don't you just love people who talk out of their ass? Dealing with people who continuously spout misinformation is so aggravating.

Still struggling with this concept. Is there a head up there, too? Or just a random voice box relocation? ;D

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I can see how his previous relationships haven't worked out

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Sounds like my dad lol spent a hour correcting me about basketball... He played one year in 1976. And apparently he knows everything about the army lol.. I'm joining next year