By Ajwc95 - 20/12/2014 09:25 - Canada - Chilliwack

Today, I was fired for "smelling like garbage". I'm the guy who throws the garbage into the truck. FML
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Ajwc95 tells us more.

OP here. I did so apparently. I'm going see if I can fight this though.

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Wow, how weird that a garbage man would smell like garbage.

Man, that really stinks


Wow unlucky OP, hopefully you can get this sorted out

What a trashy thing for his boss to do, eh?

Thanks #1! :) I hope so too or at least be able to find a new job quickly.

Sounds like another job might be BETTER. Even if they admit their wrong you don't want to work for a company / manager like that. My guess: they needed to lay someone off quickly and chose this explanation as an excuse.

Mf2307 15

it is i mean what do they expect him to do when your dealing with garbage?

Wow, how weird that a garbage man would smell like garbage.

How is this one of the top comments? He explained why he smelled like garbage. He literally works with garbage.

#64 You are an idiot

Sarcastic comment is sarcastic

cadillacgal79 32

64-not being rude here, but there are no top comments on this site. It's all a matter of time, not based on likes like IFunny.

Lol at 64 completely missing the idea of sarcasm.

#79 not being rude either, but there are, in fact, top comments, at least on the iPhone app, so I'll guess Android as well...

Can you even get fired for your smell?

ChristianH39 30

Absolutely, in a job where you work with customers instead of garbage

OP here. I did so apparently. I'm going see if I can fight this though.

You definitely should fight it. What the hell are they expecting you to smell like? Roses? You're the freaking GARBAGE man! These are the types of situations where I think going to court would be justified if they refuse to give you your job back.

If there ever is garbage man that smells like roses, then I would just go gay for that guy. I mean, imagine how great he smells if he didn't handle garbage.

#28 Wouldn't that get costly?

What the hell do they expect you to smell like? Roses and daisies?

Call OSHA and let them know what happened, they'll make your admins life hell

It could possibly get costly OP, but if you win (which I don't see how you wouldn't), then you would be reimbursed. If I were you I would see if I could get a sum of money for my trouble to hold me over until I find a new job because I wouldn't want to work for those people after that. EDIT: I'm not sure how the system works in Canada as I live in the US. So it would probably do you good to do some research on that.

Small claims court doesn't have to be costly. It's usually just you, the offender, and a judge. My wife almost took her old boss to small claims, then she found her new kick ass job and we decided to drop her old boss. Not worth the fight.

If you own your own photography business then why are you a garbage man?

Thanks! I'll look into it #57.

Okay I am so confused - why did #55 get thumbed down?

Helldemon 32

Probably because he just basically copied #28's 2nd sentence and just added "and daisies?" to the end 8 hours after 28 had replied.

Smelling like garbage means you're doing your job right, right?

#62, a lot of photographers have their business as a side job for extra money. It's hard to be a full time photographer

Because it's FML and not all of the posts are real lol

-edit-commented on wrong reply.

are they looking for the axe effect!

or maybe they're looking for an axe-cuse

Axe IS garbage! :)

Yeah, but why were you sniffing it in the first place?

I think you need to reread the post...

You definitely need to re-read this FML.....

HarleyBlues 24

I think you really, really most definitely need to re-read the post...

I know I misread it. I didn't catch it until after. My bad

HarleyBlues 24

I was being sarcastic. It would have been a funnier fml if he was sniffing garbage.

Man, that really stinks

So does the job.

Wow op I'm ashamed. How dare you smell like you've been doing your job!

You should be. Doing my job? What was I thinking?!

That was definitely an excuse. Sorry OP!

Wow that's a stinky situation.

I've never met a garbage man who smells like Hugo Boss, best of luck buddy, you're better off with another employer.