By always amazed - 07/03/2016 14:03 - Canada - Barrie

Today, my dad came over and ordered me, a 43 year-old woman, to purchase a kitchen table. He and my sisters are embarassed that we are still using a plastic folding table. It doesn't matter to them that we have just spent over $30,000 on renovations. His cousins are coming from Italy. FML
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there are so many things going on here

If you're gonna spend/care that much about your house, why would you still have a plastic table?


there are so many things going on here

#2 and #3 I think the fml is about the fact that the dad is more worried about appearances than being understanding.

Seriously it was like 3 FMLs in one. Get your lives together all of you! And before someone starts in on me not knowing the situation or whatever... It's FML... the point of the site is to judge based on the few sentences we see and the few we see are a damn mess.

Wait nevermind I Read it as a house full of grown folks and despite renovations none of them could afford a table.... Still I mean you could get a nice evwn antique table at garage sales and resale shops and if he's so concerned ask him to purchase it. why is the reunion going to be at your house if it's not finished anyway? they don't have homes?

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It's really not your fault that you don't understand because this post is extremely ambiguous. Since the fml said my dad came over, it's safe to assume that it's OP's house. the 30,000 dollars business refers to the renovations that had previously been made. The tidbit with the "my dad and my sister's are embarrassed because we still have a picnic table" (roughly translated because I'm on mobile) makes more sense when you realize that "we" probably refers to whoever OP lives with, maybe her significant other. Another reason it throws you off is because it should be "had" completed the renovations to turn it into past perfect tense. It also seems like the cousins will be visiting OP's house and not the dad's /sisters' house.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a hard time with it.

Well there are a lot of things it could be: Having their dad and sisters round only for the guests to be ungrateful and seem embarrassed by them, not being able to afford a table because of the renovations, being ordered around even though they're forty three years old and its their house or the fact that their dad's cousins are showing up soon so they're going to end up with more ungrateful guests

If you're gonna spend/care that much about your house, why would you still have a plastic table?

They probably will when the renovations are done

Yeah, they probably were waiting to buy a nice table until the space was done. For that much money, they are probably tearing things down and putting in all new floors/walls/appliances etc. and maybe new plumbing and electric as well. You don't want to ruin brand new furniture while all that is going on.

They might have bought a ragged house and had to pour money into it to fix it up and didn't have money to get a nice table but already had plastic folding ones.

On one hand fyl because youre a grown woman, its your house your dad cant tell you what to do with your house. But on the other hand dyi because youre spending over $30,000 on renovation but still have a plastic table, what are you renovating??

A regular kitchen remodel is usually around 30k. I did my kitchen for 30k and have a not so beautiful ikea table in it.

Because you can spend $30,000 on renovations and still have work going on; work that may damage a nice new table.

I would tell him that if its so important to him, he can go and buy a table. Otherwise, it's your house and if he doesn't like it he can go home.

What was the FML here, the dad part or the cousin part, cause I'm not really sure which

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I am pretty sure the FML is the Dad telling his 43 year old daughter to buy a table. I wouldn't put up with crap even if I hadn't just spent 30 grand renovating my house.

Yeah, I agree, I just don't know why they threw in the part about the cousins at the end.

To explain the reason why he ordered her to buy a table. Otherwise we would likely all be asking why he bought said table.

I understand including the folding table part, but why do you need to add that his family is coming from Italy? It may relate to the fml, but it's not important

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He wants you to use a kitchen table? He buys you a kitchen table. He only gets to decide what he spends money on, not where your budget goes to.

Get a plastic folding table with a fake marble top, they'll just love it...

I'm sorry but what does Italy have to do with anything...? (sorry about my English)

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The Dad was embarrassed at the daughter because his cousin from Italy was going to see his daughter using a folding table.

And we need to know they came from Italy ? This FML is so confusing !

Sounds like somebody isn't taking their meds again.

Tell him to go **** himself and get his own damn table

Obviously he can't actually make you do anything, but if I were him I'd be embarrassed too.

The only thing to be embarrassed about is your own table. At 43, his daughter is neither his responsibility, nor under his authority.