By hotdogbunz - 23/01/2018 19:00

Today, my coworker was supposed to pick me up to go to a work event as my car is broken. I waited 3 hours and he never showed. After he arrived late to the event due to traffic, he told my boss that he waited for me and I never came out. Guess who's unemployed now. FML
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UselessWeeaboo1 21

Wow, your coworker’s an asshole.


UselessWeeaboo1 21

Wow, your coworker’s an asshole.

Why didn't you had call when it was obvious that it was too late for you to arrive on time. It was still your responsibility to notify them if you expected to be late or absent.

Not much luck for you! Car wont be towed after the blow out, your mums car is broken and now your co-worker forgot you.

Lobby_Bee 17

Coworkers are coworkers, don't mistake them as friends. Always got to watch your own back when you're working.

WeirdUS 29

Just because they are coworkers doesn’t mean they won’t try to screw you over if possible. You always call your boss to let them know that you’re going to late or can’t make it for any reason. Gotta cover yourself. YDI for not at least letting your boss know.

Why on Earth did you wait 3 whole hours?

zeffra13 31

Didn’t you call/text your coworker when they weren’t on time? Show your boss the record if you did, otherwise ydi.

Wow, this is a toughie! My guesses are: 1. Louie C.K. 2. The Hawaiian missile scare guy. 3. Stormy Daniels. Let me know if I won!

If only there existed a handheld device which would allow people to communicate over distance