By kekeroos - United States
Today, on my metro ride home, I sat next to a woman who thought it was appropriate to continually scratch at her scalp and then eat her 'scalp pickings'. When I looked over at her hair, I could see scabs clumped together from her previous scratching sessions. FML
kekeroos tells us more :
While it is a public system and I'm bound to encounter plenty of 'weird' people, I would still never expect a 50 something year old professional woman to be picking at her scalp and then eating whatever it is she picks out. And while none of her pickings ended up on me, one good head shake would have changed that very quickly. It would have been Christmas in my lap in May!
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  haileemarie7  |  6

Everyone here is being really insensitive. While it is gross OP had to witness this, I feel bad for the woman. She obviously has a mental disease, and everyone here is saying she's nasty, gross ect. She can't help the way her brain developed in the womb.

  spazmattic  |  0

I too gagged. Kindness is one thing, and she very likely is ill, but the OP was descriptive enough to make me second guess having leftover lasagna for lunch.

  haileemarie7  |  6

Either way, no matter where, how, or when it happened she still has a problem she can't control. People need to wake up and relies that there're some people who don't function the same way as them.

  TeenieAmerica  |  9

I agree, they're being really insensitive. Some people have compulsions that they can't help. I highly doubt that she thought it was appropriate to do this. She probably couldn't help herself.

  WoAhAnNa123  |  0

guys, this is just one of thoose strange addictions people have.shes the one that has the deal with it everyday, your the one who only had to sit next to her for 15 minutes... just think about it :p