By kekeroos - 20/05/2011 15:17 - United States

Today, on my metro ride home, I sat next to a woman who thought it was appropriate to continually scratch at her scalp and then eat her 'scalp pickings'. When I looked over at her hair, I could see scabs clumped together from her previous scratching sessions. FML
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While it is a public system and I'm bound to encounter plenty of 'weird' people, I would still never expect a 50 something year old professional woman to be picking at her scalp and then eating whatever it is she picks out. And while none of her pickings ended up on me, one good head shake would have changed that very quickly. It would have been Christmas in my lap in May!

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Oh god am I the only one who felt like puking after reading that? FYL OP!


Oh god am I the only one who felt like puking after reading that? FYL OP!

I agree, that was quite repulsive to read.

no me too I literally almost threw up! that's disgusting!!

definitely felt like vomiting. that's disgusting I would've said something

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I had a tad of a gag reflex going on. = {

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Gross that caused a very nasty mental image!!!

I had just eaten after reading this, so yes, I too felt disgusted.

Right there with you, that's f***ing disgusting.

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You know what this story wants me to do??? *Scratches scalp*

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No your deff NOT *barfs* yah I feel bad for you EWWWWW

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This post made me hungry. Now my tummy has the rumblies that only scalp-pickings can satisfy.

after 2 girls 1 cup and BME pain olympics, I think nothing is repulsive anymore

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Everyone here is being really insensitive. While it is gross OP had to witness this, I feel bad for the woman. She obviously has a mental disease, and everyone here is saying she's nasty, gross ect. She can't help the way her brain developed in the womb.

not you're not.. this is so disgussting and i read it while eating.. fml

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81 : that's exactly! what I was thinking. thank you for being a kind person

mm my tummy is making the rumblies that only scalp pickings can satisfy... llamas with hats :D.. no but seriously this is soo nasty I almost vomited fyl op!

71 I understand completely... this is nothing compared to those.

I wish I would have never read that, nasty!

I too gagged. Kindness is one thing, and she very likely is ill, but the OP was descriptive enough to make me second guess having leftover lasagna for lunch.

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81 we don't know it developed in the womb, it could have been from other things that's happened throughout her life that's made her behave that way .

I knew I wasn't the only one who ate my own scabs (sarcasm)

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#81 There are a lot of things that could cause compulsive picking, not all of which could suggest mental instability.

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Either way, no matter where, how, or when it happened she still has a problem she can't control. People need to wake up and relies that there're some people who don't function the same way as them.

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felt the same but all I could say was WHAT THE ****!

is it wrong if this fml gave me a boner?

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that's freaking gross blech!

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yeah I feel pretty sick right now

even if she has a mental illness, thats ******* rancid :/

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lol futtbucks 1-4 word comments are hilarious

YES grosss!!! i dry reached hard outt!!

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which is why I hate riding the metro -____-

I wonder if that's why 'crazy bitch on train' from YouTube flipped out on that old lady

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no I nearly threw up too. urrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I totally agree... I feel nauseous now.

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Holy shit. well, that's normal, isn't it? lol

I agree, they're being really insensitive. Some people have compulsions that they can't help. I highly doubt that she thought it was appropriate to do this. She probably couldn't help herself.

I would've asked her to stop, if not I would stand up.

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don't make a scene out of it, just ignore it and read FML's

but what if she others to share?? he might miss it!

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guys, this is just one of thoose strange addictions people have.shes the one that has the deal with it everyday, your the one who only had to sit next to her for 15 minutes... just think about it :p

You should have asked for some to eat

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nervous tick. she needs psych. don't talk to her, just move away before some of her powder gets in your eyes

I agree w. 3, it was rude of her not to offer op some. Some ppl never learned how to share in pre-k.

Some people go straight into K without doing pre-K. *shakes head*

I agree. Just bring some onion dip next ride.

I was going to make that joke, but i thought it would get moderated. Hehe.

dang it, thought I was being original when I thought of that

I think there's actually a real mental disorder similar to this, called trichotillomania.

Trichotillomania is picking out your hair, not eating scalp pickings.

I'm sorriii to go off topic but, orgasmicbunnies (gr8 name btw ^_^) your pic is wrong. I hate hulahoops. hate them. eff those plastic circles!!!

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Thanks for contributing to the thread =) and no, my trollin is no more of a contribution, I know.

omg thats disgusting!!! FYL OP. dont sit anywhere near her again!!