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Today, I had a Biochemistry quiz. I studied all night but took a nap to get some rest because my quiz was in the morning. I woke up at 10 feeling very confident. My quiz was at 9. FML
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1. Buy alarm clock 2. Set it early 3. ????? 4. Profit!!

it should be... 1. Buy alarm clock 2. Set it early 3. study the day before 4. SLEEP ALL NIGHT 5. ??????? 6. Profit


1. Buy alarm clock 2. Set it early 3. ????? 4. Profit!!

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Think of an excuse, it always works for me.

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wow, who would have thought to buy an alarm clock?? what amazing and original advice you have contributed. I can just picture kids like you at home - typing "buy an alarm clock!" and then feeling all smug and proud of yourself.

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Amazing advice is rare, original advice even more so. When you consider that there is no mention of an alarm clock, its not suprising that others would recommend it. It is arguably the most effective tool for waking up at a specific time, there's nothing smug about suggesting it. Beyond that, this is the internet, it is full of unoriginal and pointless thought, complaining about it is like stepping into an outhouse and being upset that it smells like shit.

You both missed the great South Park reference.

it should be... 1. Buy alarm clock 2. Set it early 3. study the day before 4. SLEEP ALL NIGHT 5. ??????? 6. Profit

That blows. The model citizen advice would be, "Don't wait for the night before to study. You should study days prior to the test in small increments." Buuuut, I know I don't always do that. XD Have 3 alarms to wake you up. Better luck next time.

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Once again, double-checking times and alarm clocks for important events is NOT this difficult. YDI.

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Don't fool yourself. If you stayed up all night, you probably only have gotten a vague grasp of the subject, at best. Studying while exhausted (or hyped up on uppers) is useless. If you were a diligent, serious student, a brief review last night should have been sufficient. The zero you get for irresponsibility is only a little worse than the abysmal grade you would have received if you showed up and humiliated yourself.

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Yeaah because a 20 or 30 is worse than a 0. You need help in math

I sympathize with the OP. That happened to me a lot in college, especially during hell weeks. I would decide to take a nap at 11pm, set the alarm to 1am, but then I'd be so tired and deprived of sleep that I wouldn't hear the alarm in my sleep, and I'd end up waking up at 5 or 6am with only a couple of hours to cram my paper. I have a different piece of advice for the OP: DON'T STUDY THE NIGHT BEFORE THE QUIZ! (unless it was announced the day before, of course)

To everyone who bitches at the OP- I'm sure none of you have EVER missed any sort of an appointment or class right? [/sarcasm] We're all human and make mistakes. Hopefully you can make it up or something =/.

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Actually, Books4Me, I speak with authority on the topic in comment #6. I did the exact same thing on an Organic Chemistry test in college. Unfortunately, my professor was kind enough to let me take the test in his office. My grade showed that cramming all night for this kind of test is worse than useless. These subjects require sustained effort during the entire course and cannot be aced by alternating loafing and cramming. Luckily, my professor didn't believe in giving grades lower than C- to prevent pre-meds from committing suicide. I had decided to change my major earlier in that semester to one that did not require Orgo, but I didn't drop the course because I had the hots for my labbie. She was gorgeous -- a cheerleader at Yale as an undergrad. I am a brilliant idiot.

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No, I always studied some the night before a test, but when I had to stay up really late, it meant that I wasn't really prepared (aka, I'd been slacking off in that class for weeks) and was desperate to try to get some points. I was a professional student. I know what I am talking about, so you may want to shut up.

Aw. I know how you feel--I slept right through my ACT a couple of years ago. It sucks when you first realize what happened, but it's okay. Hopefully the teacher will give you another time to take your quiz or something!

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its proven that doing all nighters lowers your score because your brain does not get the rest it needs.... next time study daily and you can get the appropriate sleep.... sorry you missed your quiz :