By emily - 30/07/2009 08:58 - United States

Today, my cell phone was stolen. I work in a morgue. By myself. Obviously it wasn't stolen by any of those people. FML
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Did you cut anyone open today? It's probably in there

Sevenfold 0

wtf? How do you think someone stole it? You LOST it, idiot.


Did you cut anyone open today? It's probably in there

jackass crew you suck at this, stop picking fml's and go back to being idiots who only entertain other inbred idiots

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ah dont moderate my stuff, I'm right, they are all inbred

excuse me? your an ass btw, this fml is freakin hilarious. nicely worded


alexxss_fml 10

lol nice.

Laxer21 0

well damn you got a problem.

51 YDI cause you still live in the 1800s.

Why is this on FML?

seb12992 0

I take back the comment I made in another FML. What was the jackass crew thinking with this one?

It's here bcoz a corpse stole her phone!!!

BlerbFace306 0

this is NOT an lost your phone, what does that possibly have to do with working in a morgue??

YES, but that's not funny.

likeOMGwow 0

uh i agree. that's not even really a joke. just dumb. this FML is sorta dumb..

safirestar09 0

But the OP still feels bad over losing their phone. C'mon, people, this is not the only "my phone is lost/my phone has been stolen" FML on here.

So basically, your phone was stolen and the rest of that was pointless information... F my life for wasting a few seconds trying to understand this one.

GR3453m0nk3y 4

exactly im still kinda lost in this it was obviously posted by a six year old and obviously moderated by six year olds (and the jackass crew) (which i have nothing against) but rly guys; bad pick

kitties_fml 12


This site needs a "who cares?" button. This was stupid...

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I 100% agree

i second that

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I agree completely.

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I fourth that

Zombies!!!!!!! O.o

authorkid 2


bberg01 5

you're a believer too.

Maybe they wanted to play zombies vs plants on his phone

I'm picturing the kitten in your pic saying that. Makes it 10 times better

WTF? this is stupid.

You probably lost it in one of those body bags, have fun looking for that!