By Ca ira merci - 30/07/2009 09:13 - Morocco

Today, while on holiday in Morocco, I got arrested by a cop. “Sir, you were driving at 90 instead of 70?” I was sure that I hadn’t offended, so I asked, “Where’s the speed camera?” He pointed at his eye and said, “It’s right here.” FML
I agree, your life sucks 624
You deserved it 84

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An actual RoboCop exists?

Maybe he blinked


An actual RoboCop exists?

Maybe he blinked

He just wants baksheesh, OP. Pay the man and be on your way.

don't mess with cops

Talking back to a cop while on vacation? How did you possibly not deserve it? Give us YDI back.

who vacations in morocco? textbook YDI

<p>Wow back talking a cop in know some places fine you heavy for speeding and hold you till you pay....but yeah its morocco he wanted money</p>