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Today, I was at work doing phone computer support helping a woman with her computer. I asked her to close all her open windows. She deleted all the important company documents in the open folder instead. I got fired because "close windows" and "delete" have become "too technical" for users. FML
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The "documents" were basically just data sets pulled from a database stored on a workstation in the office. This workstation is not backed up. Yes, the company is full of morons. No, I'm not fighting it because this was the last straw of many last straws. I don't want to work for these idiots any more.

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FYL, a person that doesn't know the difference between 'close' and 'delete' shouldn't be allowed near a computer.

While reading this FML I thought it would end with the woman closing her windows (as in the glassy things you can look through), but this is even worse. What an incredibly stupid human being.


Wouldn't the files be just sent to the recycle bin? So why couldn't they just get them all back? Unless she was in the recycle bin in the first place, but who cares if she deletes stuff in the recycle bin? I'm lost. Edit: i didn't actually reply to the first comment. Oh well.

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exactly #18 and i agree with #10

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Genius_man - sometimes in Windows things don't end up in the Recycle Bin and you have to get a program to undelete it, so I guess they could have done that. Windows sucks. I have lost many of files to that mediocre OS. Too technical...people are just getting MORE STUPID out there. When aliens from another galaxy (ha ha) finally get our call into space and decide to visit us, we would all be dead from the epidemic caused by billions of stupid people who inherit the earth.

When do the files not go to the Recycle Bin!? I've been using Windows for 10 years and have never had that happen. All of my friends who hate Windows just don't know how to use it. However, I don't feel like getting into an OS war. Whatever works for you.

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if you hit shift-delete it won't go into the recycle bin. But I doubt the woman did that considering she's so computer illiterate.

Sometimes if the files are too big the get permanently deleted. o_O

@46: If the file is considered "too big," it won't go to the Recycle Bin. But then it warns you that that will happen. I've never had the "not going to the recycle bin" problem either, and I've used Windows my entire life. OP: UGGHH I know your pain! I took computer classes throughout my high school years... good lord the amount of people who couldn't do the simplest tasks, and what's especially awful is that these people were in my generation, the supposed computer experts. Apparently, if it's not MySpace, FaceBook, or IM, they have no ******* clue about anything. Blegh... [edit] AW SHOOT, 49 beat me.

Well on my old computer files never went to Recycle Bin. It would always come up with "Do you want to permanently delete...". Then again, I never really cared, because I only delete fiels that I absolutely know for 100% I won't need again. On my current computer I never restore files from Recycle Bin

Oh and #52, you're right about how even young people- the tech generation- can be really sucky with computers. I mean, in any class that uses computers, I'm constantly being called to help my whiny classmates with whatever computer problem they have, and I'm really not that great with computers, and still manage to fix all their pathetic problems. Shows how much they know.

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#18, sometimes if the amount of files you're deleting exceeds a certain size quantity, it bypasses the recycle bin and gets permanently deleted.

Well thanks guys. I learned something today. Lol. I guess i've never deleted anything big enough to not go to the Recycle bin, lol.

if you are deleting a file which is in a network folder (not stored in your Hard drive) they will not go to recycle bin.. permanent deletion... I guess this person her has asked the woman to click the button that has a "X". and the stupid woman clicked the BIG RED "X"

If you are working in a corporate server environment and deleting files on a network folder... they get deleted and not in your recycle bin. a good network admin should have a feature to catch those being deleted on a server tho. I think there is more to the story if he got fired... maybe she got mad and he called her a name? Showed some serious geek 'tude?

hah...I must say generally the people who took the computer science classes I was in either had an interest in it or thought because of the teacher they could screw around. Luckily he didn't care if they failed his class because they thought they could get an automatic A while I was never in a class that had "game day" sadly I still had fun though like movie day of watching hackers. Idk I barely remember computer illiterate people in my comp sci classes...maybe some who asked for help more but not completely oblivious. Anyways fyl that woman deserved to lose her job instead of you. I mean I guess some people need a computer test to see if they have common vocabulary down and other knowledge that's very basic to work at a job using computers.

Completely agree. This lack of understanding goes up as fast as it goes down. You know what the current trend is in business? Hire IT people with less technical skill and more business and people skills so that the people they support feel more comfortable talking to them. I got a shiny penny for the first person that can spot the bad idea here...

If you delete an item from a network drive (like a hard drive on a server) it usually just deletes the file. So if she deleted the stuff from a server it would be gone...

The files will not be in the Recycle bin if she was working on a shard drive. (Files hosted on a server) They are usually deleted and can only be restored from back up.....if the company is doing regular backups.... which is a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS depending on how its stored....on site off site.

you should've known you were dealing with a retard. YDI

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YDI for not knowing the woman he was talking to was a retard? #2 must be a retard himself.

#26, That's so true. OP: FYL, I have so much respect for people who have to do phone customer support. I'd probably get pissed and hang up talking to some of the mindless people that call in asking for help.

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Actually, that makes a lot of sense to me. I have done tech support before, and it is usually pretty apparent when I am talking to someone completely computer illiterate, and have to say "Click the X at the top right of the screen" Instead of "close the window." Why didn't you just tell her to ctrl z? That would work in most cases...

You just agreed with #26 that was disagreeing with me and just after that agreed with me lolinternet

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Agreed with #2. Some people are retarded when it comes to computers.

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Hahaa. welcome to the 21st century!

FYL, a person that doesn't know the difference between 'close' and 'delete' shouldn't be allowed near a computer.

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That sucks. It's not your fault some people are idiots

that's a contact your local labour whatever bout wrongful dismissal pronto.

While reading this FML I thought it would end with the woman closing her windows (as in the glassy things you can look through), but this is even worse. What an incredibly stupid human being. please contact HR right now. they can't fire you because of her mistakes,

Why the **** would they fire you because of customer stupidity? = I hope someone beats her over the head with a keyboard. She's too stupid to own a computer.

Not to worry... The Angry German Kid is on his way!

or how about that guy from the movie "wanted"