By HRomero - 17/10/2016 13:17 - United States - New York

Today, my boyfriend said I didn't give him enough attention because of my busy work life. So… he got me fired. Looks like my calendar is clear. FML
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Hello all. OP here. First of all thanks everyone for your kind words. I am single and it's gonna stay like that for a while. There were a few signs that he was a little crazy, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Even now that we aren't together, he continues to be crazy. He even put my phone number on social media. So the only option I had was to get rid of ALL social media. The good thing is, I've been catching up on some sleep now that I'm jobless, but I won't be jobless forever. Word of advice...if you get this gut feeling your significant other is cause you might lose your job. Take care y'all.

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mermaidkeels 26

Tell him you're too busy looking for a job to spend time with him. If he is still your boyfriend, that is.

He's so clingy, Velcro would tell him to loosen up.


He's so clingy, Velcro would tell him to loosen up.

Wizardo 33

So clingy even cling film would tell him to chill-ophane.

So clingy a scared cat would say he was holding it too tight.

He's so clingly, super glue is jealous

mermaidkeels 26

Tell him you're too busy looking for a job to spend time with him. If he is still your boyfriend, that is.

I hope how he got you fired won't negatively effect your career prospects for the future! Maybe you and your boyfriend need to sit down and talk about healthy ways to communicate your feelings and solve issues rather than him lashing out in anger like that, his insecurities may be valid but reacting like this is only going to make you angry instead of supportive to his emotional needs.

Talking doesn't help when someone is super attached like that. I've been with someone similar. If I went more than a couple hours without seeing him, he'd start freaking out and sending me dozens upon dozens of messages, demanding to know where I was and if I was okay, etc. I tried talking to him about it. More than once, in fact. And while he promised to be better about it, he never changed. Never even tried. I understood why he was clingy; he'd had a lot of relationships that ended badly, and he was scared of being hurt again. But I had also told him that his possessiveness was scaring me, and that if he didn't stop, it was probably going to push me away eventually. And it did. Talking is usually a good solution to things. But in some cases, it just wastes time and energy. OP is better off without someone who thinks she should literally spend 100% of her time with him.

If my girlfriend got me fired, there wouldn't be any 'sit down and talk', only a 'we're through, get the **** out.'

I don't think he's feeling was valid. She was just going to work.

His feelings aren't valid, people need to work and forcing them out of work is abhorrent behaviour. This guy is a child throwing a tantrum because he can't get what he wants, which is apparently constant attention. I could have wrote this FML almost 2 years ago. My ex was the same, he started getting angry that I was 'working so much' and not spending time with him, so he ended up getting me fired. Funny enough only about a month or so later while I'm still unemployed he gets a job and takes every shift he can, including valentines day, and tells me "you can't get annoyed, I need money"

I feel like we were dating the same person. I didn't think he would do something so stupid. He doesn't know he got me fired. I haven't really spoken to him since the incident. He just thinks we're "fighting" even though we've been broken up for a week now. Talk about crazy...

mermaidgirle 12

OP, please make sure you are taking precautions to keep yourself safe. I worry that he's not accepting your breakup, if he keeps calling it fighting.

oxker 7

Are you joking? This is abusive behavior and the only option in this situation is to leave him otherwise hell just get worse

BIG RED FLAG obviously, seriously leave him now, your personal success and happiness is clearly not important to him and interfering with your life with the idea that spending time with him should be your top priority is controlling behavior. run run run.

Wow, what a loser. You should lose him along with your job.

Wait what?! Dump his sad ass and make him pay for every penny you stand to lose for being jobless! Seriously that's so selfish of him he's not the center of the universe for you to pay attention JUST to him! My god i had to read this FML several times to process this! Overly attached and psychotic EX bf!

Whoa. That is a huge red flag. If he's so clingy and possessive that he can't handle you being away from him to work, you need to get out of there. I'd say talk to him about it, but I've had similar issues in the past, and trust me - talking doesn't help when someone is that clingy. Get away from him while you still can, OP.

Taco The Dank 27

FYL, OP. You deserve someone much better than that selfish bastard. I hope you find a new job soon.