By Jazzyfayyye - 29/05/2009 17:51 - United States

Today, my boyfriend said, "You know who you remind me of? Sarah Palin." And then for the next 15 minutes continued to discuss how ugly she is. FML
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Your boyfriend's an idiot 1) for basically calling his girlfriend ugly 2) for thinking Palin is ugly, she's one of the hottest MILFs around


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But Sarah Palin's hot. Maybe he was talking about her inside.

well are you an idiot from Alaska? (and no, #1, you didn't have to say it)

I'm an Alaskan, and not an idiot! **** off! you think you're so cool because you live in Ohio?

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You said that you remind him of her and that he thinks she is ugly. He didn't say you look like her. I mean, maybe her personality is what makes him associate you two. I think you're jumping to conclusions

"The Slap heard around the world"

Maybe he means uhm... personality wise? Even still, that sucks :|. Your boyfriend is pretty dumb.

#8 If he didn't clarify it, then its safe to say that he thinks she's ugly

Wow its been how many months now, five?! and people STILL go on with Sarah Palin. cmon people FYL for sure

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