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Today, I got a second notice from the mailman that my mail would not be delivered because of the pile of ice a plow had pushed in front of my mailbox. After getting the first notice, I'd spent an hour in the cold busting up the ice with a pick to clear a path. He put both notices in my mailbox. FML
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  mageoreh  |  0

The notices were warnings that if she didn't get rid of the ice pile, he would stop bringing OP his mail. The ice in the middle of the sidewalk is a safety hazard and the mailman could potentially get hurt if he continues delivering OP's mail.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

It would be funnier if the mail was delivered by car so there's no hazard. The mailman was just being a turd. He certainly could have delivered the mail along with both notices.


(6) hahaha get it? caz it was ice blocking the mailbox....and the OP was havin to dig through the snow and ice to get it! so it was COLD. hahahahahaha...ha?....haaaa....uh too soon? alrighty then-.- ...k bye

By  Tyme89  |  0

Your comment : why should the mailman have risk his life just for you! its simple shovel and you get mail. No shovel, No mail. Its not like your the only person they deliever too they get this crap from other people too! you do their job for one day and youll see

  krazy_glu3  |  0

somebody must know a mailman... sticking up for em preeeetty hardcore.
but yeah I know that they deliver to a ton of other people, plus getting out of their vehicle wastes time... but I mean,.. driving up to a mailbox, opening mailbox, sticking correct mail in mailbox, closing mailbox.... what's so difficult about that?

  DocBastard  |  38

Are you blind, illiterate, or both? The mailman put the notices in the mailbox, so it's obviously accessible. The mailman sounds like a lazy pieve of shit. He isn't risking his life, unless OP puts a rabid chihuahua in the mailbox.

By  Tyme89  |  0

Your comment : ps. there isnt any point in reporting him because they are just going to defend their workers .My mom is a mail lady i know!

  amberv61  |  22

#12 I went and complained to the post master because my mailman continuously delivered all my mail to my neighbor (who always threw my mail away instead of walking over the couple of yards and giving it to me). Not only was my mailman in major trouble with the post master but my mail is not being delivered to my neighbor anymore