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Today, it's my birthday. My parents, whom I live with, told me that they did not get me anything, but instead they said they would knock off a bit of the housekeeping I owe them. FML
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For my 18th I got a nice set of luggage and a swift kick in the ass.

#22 Who said she was old enough to live on her own? The fact that OP is expected to do chores doesn't mean that they're legally old enough to move out.


For my 18th I got a nice set of luggage and a swift kick in the ass.

it's my 17th, I should be getting a longboard .-.

haha hey it'S my birthday too!

OMG!! It's my b day too!!

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OMG!!! like no way!! that's like totally awesome! xoxo!


your picture is awesome :D

Yeah, I guess that's cool for the parents that don't want to see their children succeed... I mean, living on your own means having a full time job. If you were hoping to go to, say, med school or law school, I don't think that leaves you much time to work. Oh, is that why there are so many uneducated citizens here?!

aleast he doesn't owe them as much...

Well...happy birthday :)

Maybe you should stop being a leech...

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and a squirrel

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Well if you weren't greedy you would recognize that as a perfectly fine gift.

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Agreed. Let me see if I've got this right, OP. You are old enough to live on your own but live with your parents and all they ask is for you to help around the house but you've not been doing it? And now you're upset because they didn't kick in for birthday swag, huh? No, that's not a two-fingered salute, I swear. It's me playing the world's tiniest cello (I never took violin lessons). Quick question: what did you give either of them on their last birthdays? Yeah. GTFO.

#22 Who said she was old enough to live on her own? The fact that OP is expected to do chores doesn't mean that they're legally old enough to move out.

I would think if they were under 18 they wouldve mentioned it. the fact that they didnt leads me to believe that they are just ungrateful

Your a jackass. Quit whining cause you had a shitty childhood. Not everyone lives in the ghetto like you. OP might not even be legally able to move out of his parents home. Think before you speak, shitbag. Sad faggets ripping on posts on FML. Get a life, oldfag.

#5 i think you're going kinda far with assuming OP is stuck up. Also those things you mentioned are things the parents HAVE to do. They're the ones who chose to have a child. And why assume OP is a slob. Them owing chores doesn't mean they MADE a mess. It could just mean they have a reduced list of things around the house to do like the dishes, taking out the trash, ect.

I inferred OP was of age based on the language used. I don't often hear minors specify "my parents, who I live with". The implication is that OP is old enough to move out but hasn't, for some reason. And OP wouldn't owe housework if he/she had been contributing as expected. Speaking of expectations, just because it is a parent's job to care and provide for his/her child, it doesn't mean the child does not owe a debt of gratitude at the very least.

What the person is talking about is paying rent to their folks not cleaning the house its what we call it

house keeping is rent!

Thank you that's exactly what I was thinking. And as for you OP how r u doing at mommys house? Or have you moved out? I hope u got off ur parents ass and bought yourself the WOW membership u were hoping to get for ur bday

Or maybe what it meant was that his parents went to live with HIM. There are lots of people who live with with their kids. But op just didn't think there was a different connotation between I live with and live with me which technically do mean the same thing

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damn, your parents make you pay to live at home? they suck

I assume you're old enough to be living on your own?

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Ydi for selecting hobos or cheapskates as parents. Since you're getting a break from your cleaning chores, you ought to get pissed and puke all over the house for them to clean up. Of course, they might just let it sit and let you clean it up tomorrow while you have a hangover.

I was about to say... What makes you think they would clean it up if OP already has housekeeping duties?

Better than nothing.

If you don't like it, move out. Stop whining. Your parents have done enough for you, so it's time to take care of yourself.