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Today, I was picking my daughter up at day care. She was outside playing kick ball. A red ball rolls over to me, and trying to impress the kids, I kicked it over the slide. I turn around to see three crying six year olds. It was their hamster ball. FML
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lmfao....ouch Poor hamster... you deserved it though


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lmfao....ouch Poor hamster... you deserved it though

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This reminds me of the facebook quiz about how many kindergartners can you take in a fight. I hope you got 100+ because you might get beat up.

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forget the 100+ kindergarteners....worry bout the parents!

i took that test, apparently it doesnt factor in being in a chucke cheese suit when it happens...*******

A hamster ball shouldn't be outside. The teacher deserved it for being a stupid ****.



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Epic Win OP. ******* awesome.

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G-Force my ass that Hampster just got its wing ******* lol

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look how close to the top I am! hi mom!

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LOL Yeah I know, this guy is my IDOL!!! Hampsta Murderer....Perfect villain name!!!

that is ****** funny, i actually laughed at this F the kids Life i dont think you deserved it though

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It's guinea pig. I'm sorry but that spelling was terrible.

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you deserved it for being an ass

hamster balls are transparent. blind mother ******.

this made me sad..cuz my hamster just died like 3 days ago D: fml

Why hate guinea-pigs? It's just a nice animal, unlike people who seems to hate other creatures for no reason..

i dont even want to know..............

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the ball was red. it wasnt completely transparent. so its not really OPs fault. honest mistake

Wouldn't you feel the difference/see that there was clearly a hamster in it? And who the heck tries to impress kindergardeners? Seriously, though. I could see if ya know, it was your bosses daughter or something, but... come on now.

He was obviously referring to the burgeoning child-farming industry. Those kinder gardeners are a tough lot to impress.

#114 is win. OP, how did you not see the ******* hamster in the ball? Your carelessness killed a small, defenseless animal. YDI, you goddamn idiot.

nobody asked you for spelling help, don't be one of those English nazis, it doesn't impress anyone.

Oh the humanity! Imagine the irony behind calling him a grammar nazi. Fact: Nazis were (are) German. Fact: Kindergarten is a GERMAN word meaning "child garden" Fact: No Nazi would be stupid enough to misspell "Kindergarten". Fact: I'm not dissing the person who misspelled it. Fact: I like saying Fact.

i wasn't trying to impress you, "electrikpunk." and thanks, tobe and humorizer. some people are just stupid.

#159 Love you you little fact machine you ^^

Khatuba, actually it should be 'kindergartner' (singular) or 'kindergartners' (plural). 'Kindergarten' is a word borrowed from the German language.

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'YOU' should have looked first

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I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this... But who plays with a hamster outside? Even if OP dropped kicked the poor thing, it was probably bound to get hurt anyway. Not saying its the kids' fault either but with a small animal like that you have to be careful it doesn't get hurt.

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Y r u trying to impress children

Why did they (or their parents) let a hamster roll around outside? Not exactly your fault here I think.

people let the hamster in their ball outside all the time the hamsters love the different smells

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Well gee, pardon carmenism for not knowing the loves of hamsters. How was the OP supposed to know that a random ball would have a hamster inside of it? OP, this isn't your fault. But your life isn't ****** either. It's a hamster. I think we'll all be just fine.

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um, those balls are ******* CLEAR. there is no way that you could NOT see the animal inside of it. so unless this guy is ******* part blind, there is no excuse. i have one of those for my gerbils, and once quick glance would tell you that there is something inside of it. and you are ******* sick if you think it's okay because it's 'just a hamster'. that doesn't make it okay to ******* kill it. you're disturbed. i love my gerbils to death and would be extremely hurt if someone killed it, especially in such a stupid manner

They never said they killed the hamster although it is a great possibility but the ball could have busted open. Animals are much tougher than most people presume, I saw a news things about a cat that jumped off of a telephone pole y then ran away right after it landed.

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small rodents have very delicate spines; so it is very likely that a hard kick would kill the hamster, or at least break a lot of bones which can't be repaired. a kick would cause the ball to spin and the hamster would not have time to land on it's feet in such a case, as it would if it was just jumping off of something. especially if a grown man kicked it while trying to impress little kids. :/ i highly doubt the hamster wasn't injured, which makes the OP a very sick ******* person

Many hamster balls are tinted colours, enough not to notice right away. But of course, thats awful. ive had a few hamster and gerbils and have loved them all so much. if anything happened to them like that i would be devastated

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Seriously monicamischief ? What are you, 10 ? Yeah, I had a couple gerbils when I was that age too. And when they died, I cried a tear or two and then MOVED ON WITH MY LIFE. The death of a hamster will not be the end of the world, I promise. And yeah, I'm totally a sick and disturbed person for not crumbling down to the ground of devastation at the death of a ******* hamster. It's a damn rodent. GET OVER IT. And you, organisedchaos. Yeah, cause everyone on the goddamn planet has information on hamsters through the ******* roof. All I was saying was that when you see a random red ball, one does not think to themselves "Hmmm...well I once read that hamsters love the different smells of the outside world! Maybe there's a hamster in this ball!" Get ******* real. Reality is, when you see a ball come out of your peripheral vision, you act out of instinct. I wasn't standing by the OP's decision. I was justifying the fact that sometimes, people make silly mistakes where they really don't think before they act and then life moves on. You are both stupid ******* morons. Have a nice life.

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in the ops defense the kids were playing kickball and a lot of kickballs are red so if she saw a red ball roll up it would be easy to see why she assumed it was a kickball

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lmao, i think you're right. it's just a hamster. give them 10$ & they can get a new one. animals & people die all day every day probably for a lot of stupid reasons. oh well. it's called population control. they're like 6, probably won't even remember it by next week when they get something else stupid to focus their attention on.

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If not for the fact I don't want to stoop down to your level, I'd say you probably deserve for a really sick **** to catch you and make you see the world from the viewpoint you give to animals. That their life doesn't matter and that it's ok if they die meaninglessly and no one cares. I hope you grow up and get less stupid.

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Seconding Gween's post. To some random person it may be just a hamster, and life WILL go on afterwards, but it's still a pet- a member of your family basically that died. Upsetting. That, and, okay- maybe the OP couldn't see the hamster inside, but hamster balls are pretty obviously hamster balls other than that- air slots in them, rolling jerkily as the hamster runs. And maybe the fact that it's hard plastic? Just an FML though I guess.

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Ok. 1: You are an idiot. 2: You are an idiot. 3: My hamster ball is translucent, but nt clear. It actually is the exact same size as a kickball, and dark red. I wouldn't have known the difference. So no, he is not an evil hamster murderer for not noticing that there was a hamster inside.

That is sad. I keep my sports outdoors, and my hamster indoors. And don't kill it.

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How do you mistake the two? The one you meant to kick WOULDN'T have had a live animal in it.

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the really sad thing is that you were trying to impress LITTLE 6 YEAR OLDS! lol

YDI for trying to impress six year olds. What are you getting out of that? dutty.

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wouldnt the hamster ball feeel a little bit different... and idk like plastic but still not your fault