By toothpastecat - 13/05/2011 15:41 - Canada

Today, I was brushing my teeth. As a bent down to spit my mouthful of toothpaste into the sink, my cat decided it would be a good time to stick his head right where I was spitting. I spit a huge glob of toothpaste on his head. He then shook it off all over me and the walls. FML
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some people don't like it when u spit on their pussy

Jayymz24 0

look at it this way. at least your teeth are clean, your cats head is clean, and your walls are minty fresh :D


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deadpool91 0

that's Friday the 13th for ya

....*scratches head*....OH! I got it haha...because it involved a cat, and you said "CATastrophe." Good one!

some people don't like it when u spit on their pussy

b3lla_fml 0

I think the cat should be the one saying fml lol

ahaha CATastrophe that's awesome :))

LolMoqz 10

i see what you did there! :3

staceysgenesis16 0

ohh i see what you did there. thats fantastic. lol.

saaaalt 4

Dude! did you have to say 'glob'? that just makes everything 10x worse >.

OP is going to wake up one day with his cat sitting on him, claws out with blood seeping from his neck, or he is just going to step in cat shit.

best comment here.

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Awwww animal abuse.. lol

Yup sounds like he did it on purpose :p

haha yeah I'm sure it was on purpose.. lol

it wasn't on purpose so it wasn't technically animal abuse.

Um there was no need for that...obviously she didnt know so I was explaining to her.

she was probably making a joke lol stop taking things so seriously

well stop attacking people.

dammit. I didn't mean to post that :( sorryyy.!

yayy :) your right though. sorry about having an attitude.

it's ok... I'm not mad :)).. you seem nice

90 and 87 im happy there was a happy ending to your never ending comments to each other this isn't a facebook chat go talk about humping each other somewhere else FML for reading that whole back to back conversation.

100 why don't you stfu?? we weren't talking about humping each other and your just jealous of our awesome conversation..

^^ exactly. stay outta our convo. gosh.

104.. thanks :))).. but this is probably gonna get deleted so if u wanna talk message me or something lol

Kay I'm on the app though so I'll have to later haha

just toothpaste, there is worse things it could have been

whoisthisgirl 4

lol yeah sounds like something I kitty would do :P

*a learn your grammar fool

KiddNYC1O 20

^ Grammar? It was simply a typo.

Omgpwned1234 0

So you have a pic of a bear humping a human... and hes the fool? get a reality check foo.

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the cat orchestrated the whole thing

skidoo800HO 2

Cats are retarded animals

Your face is a retarded animal.

Inb4 "spitting on the pussy". Just trying to avert that disaster.

FreebirdIII 1

You spit on his head,

FreebirdIII 1

I did not finish this one freaking lock up! FML

you really don't need an entire mouthful of toothpaste to get your teethbrush (sic) on.

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look at it this way. at least your teeth are clean, your cats head is clean, and your walls are minty fresh :D

missy_lynn012 0

glass half full kind of guy.

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i like the way you think lol

staceysgenesis16 0

ahaha , nice thinking. glass half full.

Jayymz24 0

always try to look at the positive side :D

You definitely have a point !

staceysgenesis16 0

positive side is the best side ;D

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hahahaha ur cute lol