Road rage

By Anonymous - 01/10/2010 13:47 - United Kingdom

Today, when I stopped at a light, I tossed a banana peel into a field along the side of the road. The man behind me got out of his car, picked up the banana peel and threw it back into my car at me. When I tried to tell him it was biodegradable, he told me to "stop making up words." FML
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Schizomaniac 24

Why would you throw a banana peel on the ground? Don't you watch cartoons?


I throw banana peels out my bedroom window all the time. Unless it's below freezing out, they hardly take a week to decompose. :/

remember it's in a feild so no one can see!!

That's not totally true. And plus, he was in his car when he threw it out the window, so unless he's superhuman I'm pretty sure he didn't throw it completely out of sight. I could be wrong though, it happens a lot.

u should of rolled up ur window wen u had the chance 

OP must have looked like a tool sitting in his car eating a banana.

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First point it's in a field you wouldn't notice second it spear degrade into nothing it turns into nutrients which helps out making the world look vetter

Yup. Do that in front of an officer and guess what?! Heh. I don't think the word "biodegradable" will save you.

It's better to through it out in a field than a trash would take much longer for it to decompose adding more to the waste piles

MrFancy 0

i completely agree! I hate when people always use the excuse 'it's biodegradeable' as an excuse for littering. Idiots. the point is OP, you're both morons.

If you want to get rid of biodegradable stuff without throwing it away, make a compost pile in your backyard. It will be smelly, but compost makes really great fertilizer.

it takes over 5 years for a banana to disappear..

you obviously need to go back to science class,

it's part of nature you idiot if a banana falls off a tree and rots it's part of mother nature, it's not the tree that's bad. stop being so dumb and read a book!

xthetisx 0

it takes 3-5 weeks for a banana yo decompose moron..

how many of you, preaching about littering a banana, are smokers?

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NarwhalLove 0

um banana peels are good for the environment I can see what you ment but like sun chip bags don't help the environment but fruit veggies what ever are good food for many living things and what's left will decompose yes it may take a while but it will fertilize the ground there for helping the world if you throw it away it will sit at a dump which is alot worse for the world ad if it goes to one of those machine things all the smoke will ruin the ozone and yes we will all be effected

zyxwvutsrqponmlk_fml 0

155 - Please refrain from informative posts until you know anything about what you post. 219 - That's only part correct, but pretty close, some natural factors can aid decomposition, making things decompose faster or slower. 224 - You're very off topic. 233 - Thank you, I agree.

Phillip18 1

He threw it in a field. And they decompose in about a week or two. Shut the **** up.

Pretty sure that's how nature works you know. Stuff falling outta trees and then rotting

tori4626 17

-#262 You just used the wrong "your" when calling someone else stupid. Maybe you shouldn't be insulting others.

A banana peel takes like 3 weeks to degrade seeing as it was the side of the road it's not that bad and it would probably get eaten by birds and other animals anyway

It takes a long time because the microorganisms decomposing it are not present. They are in its natural environment, which is probably somewhere in South America. Also, there's quite a difference between e.g. apple skins, orange skins and banana peels because of their chemical compositions. Better get a compost bin and throw it in there - see if it's still there after a year.

kruzito 0

you 'do' know i wasnt talking 'bout OP right?

r u an idiot. banana peels are good for the earth

omg he's obviously a guy, and he's calling the guy who threw the banana peel in the car a idiot -.- sheesh morons.

MissErikaHart 0

shoulda threw it right back out the window and did a burn out

The rubber he left wouldn't be biodegradable, though. :-/

besides he prolly drives a smart car -_-"

MissErikaHart 0

he should floor it no matter what he's driving then

I agree. Eff watching somebody pick it up and wait to see what he does. Derrrr

imright24 0

So what if it's biodegradable. It's still garbage on the side of the road for weeks to come. You're both idiots. YDI. Besides, you shouldn't be eating while driving anyway. It's a distraction from what you should be doing.

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ucofresh 4

I don't think eating a banana is that much of a distraction. If it is, then so is having a radio. So is having a passenger, etc, etc.

sorry 47, but like 62 said, 9 is right. leaves are biodegradable too, and wouldn't normally be considered litter; but if you decide to empty a bag of THEM on the side of a road, then (lo and behold!!!) you've littered. i know OP didn't empty a bag of banana peels, i'm just making a point.

RedPillSucks 31

Agree with #4. OP, would you like someone to dump a load of biodegradable trash in front of your house? Remember that Crap is biodegradable as well.

cyfclife 0

1) it's in a field 2) yes shit decomposes 3) if you don't put it in a field, guess what? ends up in a landfill. I think I'll take it decomposing in a field, kthxbai.

RedPillSucks 31

Along the side of the road. This is why so many places look like crap. People feel they can toss their garbage anywhere.

chogle 8

good job. you compared one banana peel in a field to a pile of crap in someones yard, great analogy. one ******* banana peel, get over yourself the world will be fine even if that damn field was covered in peels. biodegradable means it's not harmful to the earth, if anything he's helping to fertilize that field.

Did either of you read RedPill's comment before posting? Obviously he knows what biodegradeable means and he already said crap is biodegradeable. He never said the banana peel wasn't good for the earth. His point was simply that it is unsightly.

Schizomaniac 24

Why would you throw a banana peel on the ground? Don't you watch cartoons?

zp5 4

I do. you shouldve thrown the banana peel out in front of the guy when he was driving.

kportal69 5

I really, really hate stupid people.

I love banana peels. Darn people always taking my food away.