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By  LouiseD_fml  |  10

Must have a hot wife..

  Calyx_fml  |  21

Who is hotter is irrelevant. The ex might have been a troll and the wife a bikini model. All that matters is that OP is still dreaming about her sexually. Maybe it was that thing she did with her tongue.

  LolFMLnot  |  10

Just because he is having wet dreams about his ex doesn't mean his wife is ugly. Maybe his ex was better in bed, or he still has some feelings left for her. Sometimes you don't realize what you got until you lose it.

  auzz1_pride  |  9

113) No a marriage should not be revolved around sex, but ones sex life plays a massive role in ones relationship and that's what makes most marriages so complicated, because some men are so afraid of what their girlfriend/wife thinks of them in bed. My advice to OP would be to either find a way to control these dreams or make a decision that will make Both you and your wife happy.

By  screwyouUpyours  |  0

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  LaughinStock  |  16

9 I heard that theory before, but no I don't think thats true.There must have been something about the girl that he must have really liked. BUT!! Op you have to get over it because it might effect the relationship you're in now.

  copy125  |  0

Wow your dumb, the reason your dreaming about that person is because your subconsciously thinking about them. And in the case that he's having wet dreams about her he clearly misses his ex in some way, shape or form.

  downtime  |  12

46, I've dreamt about being chased down by a swarm of giant spiders who wanted to rip the flesh off my body. Believe me, I don't miss them. In fact I'd go so far as to say if I ever meet one it will be the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
Don't tell people why they dream about things when you really have no idea.

  Link5794  |  18

By that logic, he must have been dating Freddy Krueger.