Leave Me Alone

By gordogs 25 - 04/04/2012 10:53 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I woke up for the third time in a row from a wet dream about my ex-girlfriend. I'm currently on my honeymoon. FML
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"Darling, I swear it was about you!"

So your ex is hotter than your wife. So what? Enjoy your dreams, and then you can wake up and enjoy your wife. You win twice!


Must have a hot wife..

gurly98 13


........ Lol apparently you didn't get it

Birdie_Sage 0

It was a sarcastic comment, smart ones.

Who is hotter is irrelevant. The ex might have been a troll and the wife a bikini model. All that matters is that OP is still dreaming about her sexually. Maybe it was that thing she did with her tongue.

amandajlucas2015 2

Maybe ur married to the wrong person If ur still having those kind of thoughts about an ex

Torva_fml 16

97- marriage isn't just about sex...

Just because he is having wet dreams about his ex doesn't mean his wife is ugly. Maybe his ex was better in bed, or he still has some feelings left for her. Sometimes you don't realize what you got until you lose it.

xStaciexLynnx 15

132- Then you clearly shouldn't be getting married...

and there you go ruining the first comment....

113) No a marriage should not be revolved around sex, but ones sex life plays a massive role in ones relationship and that's what makes most marriages so complicated, because some men are so afraid of what their girlfriend/wife thinks of them in bed. My advice to OP would be to either find a way to control these dreams or make a decision that will make Both you and your wife happy.

natewilson 9

You know trolls... Smh

Osito2011 9

Op just needs to have some nasty freaky sex with his wife, so much that it will make him forget all about his ex.

"Darling, I swear it was about you!"

gurly98 13


Birdie_Sage 0

This is like, the same as cheating, no? I feel so sorry for his wife.

Oh darn it! I misread the FML. I'm sorry, but it still isn't cheating.

lol you're not over her

I hope for your sake OP, you don't talk in your sleep...

Thanks for that captain obvious!

Maybe OP is over her, OPS ex was probably just really good in bed.

shanemaximo 7

Your penis has the hotts for your ex.

Not necessarily, guys can have wet dreams over just about anything.

twifan1901 0

OP: I swear it was about you! Wife: really? Why did you scream Hannah then? OP: it's my sisters name Old fml reference

I thought that was Brittany?

hahafylop 4

151 is correct.

scarllet13101 5

It was Brittany 151 right

wet dreams? have never had one. Are you not having sex with your wife or something? too much build up i have to say.

No shit, Sherlock

How the heck is that an "lol" moment?!? "haha your body wants someone else but your stuck with this lady"

Not possible. FYL no need to lie.

It's gonna be a long til death do you part if this keeps up...

RedPillSucks 31

So now I'm praying for the end of time To hurry up and arrive.

...or a short one if this keeps up and wife finds out.

12/21/12. :D There's a window for OP's way out.

108, A wife who ends a marriage over a dream isn't a wife you want to keep.

Hey 6 that was a good one

Dreams are okay as long as they don't affect your real life. Be careful and start fantasizing about your wife.

I don't think he has a say in what his subconscious fantasises about.

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Wait, so if someone misses me that person can infiltrate my dreams?!?

andrewl12 0

Couldn't agree more 18, how the hell does the person who misses me somehow make me get a wet dream?? Haha

9 I heard that theory before, but no I don't think thats true.There must have been something about the girl that he must have really liked. BUT!! Op you have to get over it because it might effect the relationship you're in now.

Wow your dumb, the reason your dreaming about that person is because your subconsciously thinking about them. And in the case that he's having wet dreams about her he clearly misses his ex in some way, shape or form.

Hold on, 9. So, if I dream about someone it means they miss me? ... ... MEGAN FOX KNOWS WHO I AM!

Michael_92 20

So my ex misses me even know she's the one that ended it. Right makes sense now. Guess I'll call her up. lol

U r a gigantic moron

So Obama misses me?

46 - *you're and *you're. Check yourself before you call someone else a dumb.

So based on that theory, a total stranger misses me, that'd be a bit odd!

121) why is it that your pic looks like a woman about to get raped??

Lol... you're crazy.

46, I've dreamt about being chased down by a swarm of giant spiders who wanted to rip the flesh off my body. Believe me, I don't miss them. In fact I'd go so far as to say if I ever meet one it will be the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Don't tell people why they dream about things when you really have no idea.

Link5794 18

By that logic, he must have been dating Freddy Krueger.

Is your wife that ugly?

olpally 32

Are you that big of a jackass?? Read the damn fml again!

91- what part of the FML contradicts that?

jerseyboy732 16

three wet dreams in a row? I mean c'mon

So your ex is hotter than your wife. So what? Enjoy your dreams, and then you can wake up and enjoy your wife. You win twice!


Like a boss.

That's good advice indeed