By sillygoose - 14/12/2009 03:53 - Canada

Today, I went to the doctor to check the dark growth I just discovered on my back. It was chocolate. FML
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crumsnatcha 4

This is only a FML if you ate it afterward.

Your doctor: 'I don't get paid enough for this'.


crumsnatcha 4

This is only a FML if you ate it afterward.

i love back chocolate

suaveneanderthal 0


@3... how do you feel about butt chocolate?

crocadillion 0


is your name, by any chance, fat basterd?

chuk_norris_fml 0

"Today, I found some chocolate. FML" I might be reading this wrong, but you sound like a pretty lucky bastard to me.

monkeybanana 7

does this person never take showers?

He probably takes showers, but doesn't wash his back (often).

Simply_J 0

It could have been worse, like lump of terd. You nasty ass.

ya? maybe tried scratching at it a little? or do u never shower so that it wouldnt come off?

xxxNataliexxx 0

And? Lmao you just noticed it there then why would not try to see what it was by yourself?

One word, two syllables- shower

Your doctor: 'I don't get paid enough for this'.

Canchan 12

To tell someone they have chocolate on their back? I'd say he gets paid pretty good!

you didn't shower from what I assume 1-3 days? pretty gross

Boom!?! Edit:: This was supposed to be in reply to #1

hahaha op your username amused me.

tama332 0

what is it??

joeyrocks 0


Ok, so, one would assume you probably made your doctor's appointment three or four days ago (I've never come across a doctor who can fit you in that day or even the following day unless you're really sick)... have you not showered in all that time? And would you not poke at, prod, rub the mark to sus it out?

here you can pretty much show up at a clinic and get an appointment with a doctor the same day, unless we're talking a doctor who specialises in a specific thing.

@49 yes, because all people who need to see a doctor are chocolate-wearing weirdos.

Called a walk-in clinic. Even family/personal doctors can often fit you in same day.

THANK YOU!! I can't beieve my tax dollars go towards morons like this!

starberries 0

My doctor can usually see me the same day.

My doctor can get me in the same day or the next day usually. Sometimes they have cancellations.

YayAmerica 0

Ew. Wash yourself more frequently.

YayAmerica 0

Ew. Wash yourself more frequently.