By creeper - 14/12/2009 05:03 - United States

Today, I was talking to this guy I like. He's very private and hides all his photos and wall posts on Facebook. Or so I thought, turns out he has me on a restricted friends list, titled "Creepers." FML
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jchansfan 0

You found this out howwww? lol :P

Get the hint...stop stalking him on facebook.

Coccinelle_fml 15

That's what I want to know as well!

u_killed_kenny_ 0

1 is a win, and I agree with 1 too, how did you find this out if it's hiden?

u_killed_kenny_ 0

and how did you make your way onto the creeper friend list

Maybe watching him sleep isn't such a good idea....

mylifestoryy 6

haha xD I wanna know to I want to know if I am on anybodies lists called creeper xD

Your probably on that list for a good reason. My suggestion OP would be to log off and back away from facebook for a while.

loool maybe the fact you sussed out how to find this out is exactly why you are on this list...

Jesus, this is one stupid statement. Yes, I am aware of the irony to put Jesus under a comment made by someone who calls himself "AntiChrist7" which is by the ways misspelled and stupid at the same time. I am also aware of the fact that I gave away the subtext (oh, again...sweet irony) by pointing out the irony...but considering the average intelligence of these people it might just be necessary. So, Mr. Misantrophicandcynical...did you just try to be condescending in a vaguely cool way? Because as far as I know that's what people like you try...since you don't have the balls to speak to this hot girl in school or college and if you are condescending and misantrophic and cynical she might just get interested in you... She won't. Stop wearing black and speak up for once in a while. Get laid or at least ********** more helps.

waterynuggets 0

Lol. I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIA!!! I need tp for my bunghoollle.. Buuunnghooooliiooo

Actually I didn't. I don't really like's just...people like this annoy me on a very personal level.

erm...why? you might have a few anger issues to resolve if an innocent comment on FML pisses you off on that level :/

#33: Yep. Sometimes I have too much free time on my hands. That's when I have free time. Free time and me are not a good combination. Then insulting people may or may not be fun. In fact, it rather may, since I haven't been drunk when I wrote that. And noope, I don't know shit about antichrist. Neither do you about me :) #34: You're just doing the same thing. Stop being judgemental. Am I really uncomprehendable? I didn't think my english was THAT bad. (okay, I actually thought that at least someone would pick up that my very first comment has been slightly exaggerated (nope, I won't bail on it, I still don't exactly like misantrophic and cynical people* because it is pointless and they make the real depressed and sick people look like pansys. And yet more reasons, but I digress...where were I? Ah, yes...) Ol0l0l, ur sto0opid. *not exactly enough to justify a real emotional outburst. Or at least a long post like this. Seeing people react to trolling? Funnier than I thought. Although still rather annoying for others, I must give you that. Well, just let's make this experience worthwhile, alright?

Subtext, i have a Facebook. I would ask you to add me, but your an idiot and i know too many idiots in real life let alone on the internet.

AntiChrist7 0

No, Subtext, I don't wear long black clothes. i don't wear any make-up. I don't cut myself either. Or listen to Tokio Hotel. Does "book", "cover", "judge" ring any bell? @jadetothes & latkematzoball: thanks for pointing out his problems, saved me the effort of doing it.

perdix 29

But he still talks to you? If he really thought you were a "creeper" in the sense that the rest of us understand that word to mean, he'd avoid you like the plague. I know girls often feel physically threatened by male creepers, but I've had a few female creepers in my day, and I was actually flattered by the attention. I even kind of regretted that I couldn't make myself be attracted to them.