By Shanarie - United States
Today, I decided to hang my $200 cocktail dress outside for faster drying after hand washing it. I learned that it dries much faster when torn into several pieces, courtesy a stray dog that randomly appeared at my house. FML
Shanarie tells us more :
OP here. I made an account just to respond to you guys! I live in the country, so I figured making a small clothes line for just my dress wouldn't be a problem.I guess it was just bad timing.The dog was an abandoned pet that was malnourished. Im a shelter volunteer, so we took him to a good home. :)
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  MonstreBelle  |  28

3- Get your animals right. The_Basileus is clearly a silly cat, not a silly goose!

  MonstreBelle  |  28

12- Dogs aren't colorblind in the sense that they see everything in black and white. They just can't see all of the colors that people are capable of seeing. Plus, the color of the dress wouldn't stop the dog from being able to see the movement of the it with the wind blowing

  Shanarie  |  11

I actually just used it for an event, so luckily that was out of the way. Next time around, I'll either rent one or send my new one to the dry cleaners. Lol. Or just hang it up inside.