By Notorch - 23/05/2012 15:53 - United Kingdom - Cheltenham

Today, I went to see a once-in-a-lifetime moment when the Olympic torch passed through my town. I waited for 3 hours only to get a bruise from a man shoving me out of the way at the exact moment it went past. FML
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Quick, get to the next town! It's a one in a 4 year chance to see it.

Soo... It was only there for a brief second?


Quick, get to the next town! It's a one in a 4 year chance to see it.

Haha just follow him. Run alongside the guy

I'm sick of hearing about the bloody Olympics. Can't even read the news without being bombarded with Union Jacks, Olympic flames and the ******* Jubilee. Now it's on FML, too.

I live pretty close to you, do you want me to run up your road with a lighter? It came down my street this morning, woke me up.

Nice to see people being so patriotic

Seriously, why should I be patriotic? Cameron's Britain is nothing to be proud of.

Seems I'm being thumbed down for having an opinion. Something's not right here..

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Your being thumbed down for expressing your idiotic opinion.

Ah, the old name calling technique. How original. So come on then. Enlighten me. Why exactly is it idiotic?

Isn't that what the comments section is for?

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Yeah... Just not for you. No-one likes you.

You're being thumbed down becausw your profile picture is a serial killer lol.

Oh dear, I'm devastated. And it's actually Anthony Perkins. He's an actor, not a murderer.

But in that picture he portrays Norman Bates, who is a serial killer

Well done. But you do realise he's entirely fictional, right?

He was based on a real guy, but yeah, i know the actual character is fake.

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What's the name of the film?

'Psycho', directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

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66- It's idiotic because you are expressing your dislike for the topic of the Olympics, while acting as a proponent of the conversation. If you don't like hearing about the event, 1) Don't read the FML. 2) If for some reason you do read it, don't engage in the conversation. By engaging in a conversation you clearly dislike, you give others the perception that you are merely a person who likes to stir the pot, and "hear" themselves talk.

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Fair enough, I was just providing an explanation to why people may have felt your comments were idiotic. :)

It's messed up that people get downvoted just because people don't agree with their opinion but you can get up voted for saying,"omg that sucks, Fyl."

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I generally agree, but when people post comments speficially to stir the pot, it's annoying and pointless. If your opinion adds value to the topic- go for it

2- yes a once every 4 year opportunity because it doesn't come through different countries every time and this isn't going to be the only time in their lifetime it comes through THEIR town.

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Oops. Sent too soon. Anyway, if your opinion adds value, post away. That's kind of the point of a threaded discussion.

91- I'd love it if you could name the last FML in which someone said "OMG that sucks. FYL." and they actually got upvoted, because I seriously doubt it happened recently. As far as I know. People HATE it when people say that, and they're usually buried. If you can give me that information, I'll back down. But until then, your argument is invalid.

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Way to feed the trolls, people.

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They see me trollin'. Dey hatin'

I'm sure I got downvoted simply because I said something deemed 'unpatriotic'. I don't think it's because I didn't add value to the conversation. A lot of people thumbed me down, but only one person actually gave an explanation. Besides, nobody explained why my olympics remarks were out of order. People could have just thumbed down because I didn't agree with the norm. Who knows? They won't be explaining any time soon.

T You say "people could've just thumbed me down for not agreeing with the norm." but when people WERE just thumbing you down you bitched about how it was for "having an opinion." Try practicing what you preach next time, hmmm?

Think about what you just typed. 'Could'. My sentence contained the word 'could'. And I'd appreciate it if you didn't take my words out of context next time.

I think OP was upset because the olympic torch was in his hometown. The idea of the FML was that seeing it anywhere else wouldn't be the same.

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wallandpiece, it is no longer even about your idiotic comment, but has since, become about your insistant bitching that has probably gotten you put on many people's "thumb down on sight" list. Another reason your comment was idiotic was because you didn't like people not being fond of your opinion, but that's like going to a comic book convention to say you loathe comics, sure, you're entitled that opinion, but don't expect people to praise you for it when it is their discussion.

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I think everyone should shut up and drop it because this whole section of comments is about to get blown to Hell by the Mods. Edit: Looks like I'm too late...

She shoulda ****** that guy up. Guys can't hit girls, but the reverse isn't true, I think.

The Olympics aren't in the same place every time. Jussayin.

116, i disagree so much with that statement. I think it is just as sexist to say guys can't hit girls as it is to say girls belong in the kitchen. I follow the mentality of "I don't care if you have a penis or not, **** with me, I'll **** with you." This holds especially true in crowds where people are pushing and shoving.

And just to add, I don't think OP should just stand there and get pushed around, but if she wanted to start a fight, she better not expect a guy to just stand there and get beat up

Even more comments got deleted making what I said only make partial sense...

The FML gods have been busy with this one.

I feel ya. When the 2010 winter olympics were happenig in vancouver, the torch was passing through my town. We were supposed to go with our class to see it, but my class ended up missing it because my dumbass teacher made us all take "washroom brakes". We missed it by 1 minute. :/

One in four year chance if she travels to each country that will host the Olympics. Good chance it won't be held in England again in her lifetime.

133, No, but it will be passing through some other town other than their own once every four years. The once in a lifetime thing is that it probably won't be passing through their town specifically. Since the comment says to follow it to another town, that does make it something that can be done every four years...You could travel to see it anywhere else if you so wanted.

140, I don't think you get it. it's pretty much a once in a lifetime event because Britain will probably not hold the Olympics again in ops lifetime! and op probably won't be going to wherever it is in 2016 to go see a torch. I mean ye, sure, go to the next town but with traffic and all the people standing round they'd still probably miss it!

140 - that's a fair point to go to the next town but as was pointed out it may be a bit difficult for them to get to the next town. Op is pissed enough to go on FML so I'm guessing they don't have the opportunity to go to the next town. If that was the case then the FML would be about getting a bruise and not missing out on the chance of seeing the flame. My reply to 1 was that it is not a once on four year opportunity but a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the flame in what is most probably their home town.

To EVERYONE: The Olympics take place every TWO (2!!!) years!!!!

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It's not even that good, I saw it yesterday. They walk it for a few miles through a town/city then it gets loaded onto a bus and driven to the next place. Even if you do see it there's that many people that it's hard too, (I was in my car with my Dad and we were stopped because it was passing, the only reason I saw it was because there were not many people standing in the road)

Soo... It was only there for a brief second?

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Maybe she was pushed so hard that her beer spilled and she was was so drunk that she can't even tell the story straight. Which is why she thinks it's a "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

151 the hell are you talking about? She didnt even say anything about beer

when it was passed was the special moment

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What a dick, grab a super soaker or water balloons and show him whose boss!

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LOL squeaky, that's two comments that have me cracking up. You're killing me!

Sssh! Shut up and let me kill you in peace!

What did you do over the weekend? Oh not much, some bitxh lit me on fire with the olympic torch, but yea! Hmmmph, ya.

Yes the torch is a once in 4 year thing

The torch does not go through every single town in the entire world every 4 years(Hello, it's the Olympics, not magic). So this may have been OP's only chance to see it.

Oh, look. It's Alan. Did you hear the Groundhog calling you? (a walk on the wild side :D)

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Get Santa to pass the torch. He gets to everyones house all over the world.

Isn't it every 2 years? The torch went through my town in 2010 for the winter Olympics.

See, 55, that seems like a great idea until you consider that he is used to visiting in the night and leaving what he carries in our houses. So if Santa went around carrying the Olympic torch, we'd all burn to death in our sleep. Hohoho.

97 your comment made me laugh so hard! XD

94, that's the winter Olympics, we're talking about the normal Olympics, each are held every four year with two between them. for example 2008 bejing, 2010 winter (don't know where it was) 2012 London, 2014 next winter Olympics. op won't experience the winter Olympics because it's highly unlikely that Britain will hold it!

Okay. I was just meaning that both winter and summer Olympics have a torch that goes around, and that event happens every 2 years.

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kickuwithmyfist 1

It's killing me!! Am I suppose to capitalize op?....gah I'm a noob

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Not capitalising OP doesn't make you a noob. Caring about not capitalising OP makes you a noob.

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Lol I noobed myself...damn =[ =| =] =D

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Rude! And he had to shove you pretty hard to get a bruise. Ouch.