By Anonymous - 04/06/2009 14:09 - Australia

Today, I went into work and noticed one of my fellow colleagues had a large bunch of flowers on her desk. As soon as I saw her, I immediately said, "Happy Birthday!" Everyone went quiet. It wasn't her birthday; her father had died. FML
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More like F you for making assumptions.

Nothing says party like black tulips and red roses.


mcdsman 0

OMg wats wrong with u! YDI.

i feel really bad for favoriting this but i couldnt resist.

yungmoolahbaby 0

smooth move, ex-lax.

spiffles 0

Yet another fine example of why make assumptions really makes you look like an idiot. Good job!

i feel really bad for favoriting this but i couldnt resist.

CountDuk 5

Wow all u people who say he deserved it: you are such idiots. If somebody had a balloon on their desk, you would assume it's their birthday. However he didn't ask so that's what makes him stupid. People make assumptions though and you might have done the same thing so go hide in a hole and **** yourself.

Flowers, not balloons.

mattiga 0

R u mentally sane, I mean come on the first thing I think of when flowers got to me I started crying

DareToDream7 0

are you mentally retarded? go jump off a cliff jackass, the OP didn't deserve it. EVERYONE here would have made the same assumption, so don't go acting like you could have predicted that. dumbass.

Nope, not me. balloons, cake, or bday cards maybe. Not just flowers...

Im just wondering wat kind of flowers they were cuz it could help u make those decisions so u dont make a bad move like that

heyitsmorgan94 0

Haha nice job loser!

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You could've asked what the flowers were for, not a very happy chat but always better than yelling happy b-day for no reason