By chris - 09/06/2009 17:09 - United States

Today, I was walking my new dog and saw this girl that I've had a crush on for months. When I approached her, I tried to look 'macho' with my dog. However my dog thought it would be more attractive to pee on my leg. FML
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What kind of dog was it? I hope you weren't trying to look macho with a poodle. I think this one needs an illustration :p

mylifeisfuckeddd 0

lol! i hate when i am walking my dog and i have to pick up her poop and i'm walking around w. a bag a poop and a hot guy walks by


unless your dog is like a proffessional badass try not using "macho with my dog" in your sentences caus thats just silly =P

rachie94 0

what kind of dog was it? it matters

Nomad609 0

ROFL!! you could have accompanied the dog to a nearby spot and take your shirt off, so you would still look impressive :))

dude i feel your pain my dog thought it was cool to shit in my girlfriend's pool. her dad still hasn't forgiven me yet.

These FMLs are just getting old. Between the ones where a girl says "I was trying to play hard to get" to the guys saying "I was totally acting macho" they really don't rise to the level of me thinking "God, that person's life is fucked!"

YDI for trying to be macho. Don't do it... Just... Don't do it.

let us hope that was pee. you are facing strong competition for the girl.

Any guy being "macho" with his dog is just hilarious, not attractive in any way. Guys, please stop doing this. FML should have atleast taught you this by now. What kind of dog was it?

chiodosluvr 0

haha. i hope she slapped you for it.

Arinwyn 0

I agree with whoever said this FML needs an illustration. I could just see the OP trying to look macho with like.. A chihuahua or poodle or something.