By piece of crap car / Wednesday 4 January 2017 06:27 / United States - Portland
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By  lilgreenmonster  |  10

take the bus. call a friend. call an uber. anything. on your first day at your dream job, you do what you gotta do to get there. then when you call you can say, my car didn't start BUT I found a way in anyway.

By  Lauren Horstman  |  2

Catelfer, calling an uber wouldnt've helped as she would still have to wait for it, thus still causing her to be late. 

By  xx000o  |  27

Wasn't there an alternative means of transportation available, if it was a dream job how about bus, taxi, uber, friend. Where there's a will, there's a way.

By  klidd  |  0

That happened to me except my best friend had a seizure and died the night before my first day and I found out the day I started work & I showed up and the fired me for showing up and not showing respect for the dead.

By  caliguy08  |  17

Can't say I blame him necessarily. Normally you would have a couple weeks before starting a new job... that's plenty of time to plan ahead and make sure you don't have issues like this that happen. Showing up late on your first day would speak against any responsible notions you may have made reference to in your interviews

By  GhostFox  |  33

OP WAS trying to get there despite the broken down care. It's pretty obvious because they say they "called [their] boss to let him know [they] would be late." You know, that polite thing your SUPPOSED to due so the manager/boss can inform the person you're relieving that you are running late.

The boss would have probably been pissed off just as much, if not more, if OP had just shown up at work however many minutes late without calling. Except they would have been fired in front of everyone on

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